emerging possibilities

Emerging Possibilities

Emerging Possibilities By Michele Rae   What a time of emerging possibilities we are living in! It is exciting, exhilarating, scary and uncertain all rolled into one simultaneous experience. How do I navigate, make sense, integrate, and embody this time of transformation in my experience of being human? How do I support my students and […]

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imagining our ideal world

Imagining Our Ideal World

Imagining Our Ideal World By Michele Rae   When you imagine an ideal world for human beings and all who inhabit the earth, what do you envision? I imagine a world… Where every child born into the world is celebrated as a seed of awe and wonder. Each child’s gifts, talents, passions, and inherent uniqueness […]

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questioning our freedoms

Questioning our Freedoms

Questioning our Freedoms By Maureen Higgins The year of 2020 has been a challenging one. The COVID-19 virus, black lives matter and the elections have made obvious our divisiveness, censorship and angst. The challenges of 2020 are paving the way for 2021. Freedom will be a huge theme this coming year. We will be questioning […]

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imagine our future together

Imagining Our Future Together

Imagining Our Future Together By Michele Rae When you imagine an ideal future for yourself, your family, community, this planet, what do you envision? This time of transformation invites freedom from the old paradigms, structures, and patterns. We have an unprecedented opportunity to create a world that supports optimal expression and experience for every human […]

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How Are You Preparing?

How Are You Preparing? By Michele Rae We are in a state of preparation for another round of new possibilities emerging, can you feel it? For me, I am preparing to teach new classes, have moved into a new office, and participating in several interviews, webinars and podcasts. Deeper than the external preparation, there is […]

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Coronavirus and new earth

Redefining God

Redefining God By Maureen Higgins God has had many faces since the beginning of humankind. God was the goddess during matriarchal days. Mother earth and the sky goddesses were worshipped along with Minoan, the Snake Goddess as is indicated by statues found during archaeological digs. We had Isis, Osirius, Horus, Amun, Ra, Hathor, Bastet, Thoth, […]

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New Visions—Toss out the Old Map!

New Visions—Toss out the Old Map! By Maureen Higgins Many of us are looking at the chaos in the world through the eyes of what we think of as truth. Much of what we’re thinking and feeling is scary and divisive and even overwhelming. What if you were to toss out the old map of […]

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Invitation for Meditation & Energetic Healing

Invitation for Meditation & Energetic Healing By Elizabeth Sullivan Hello Light-Filled Souls, During these unprecedented and challenging times. I have needed to take a moment to go internal while paying close attention to what is happening locally in my direct community and globally. I continue to commit more than ever to my inner energetic healing […]

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Ascension and Optimal Health

Ascension and Optimal Health By Maureen Higgins Everybody looks at the word “ascension” differently. Some people think of it as an avenue to moving completely off the earth and never coming back, whereas some people think of it as something that only happens to monks or people willing to live in an ashram. Today, ascension […]

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