Take Care of your Mini-Me

Take Care of your Mini-Me By Kelly Wagner Recently I have been energetically clearing a series of horrible life events from my childhood tied to my family. After a huge clearing session I experienced lots of pain in chakra one and two – terrible lower back aches, stiffness, menstrual cramps, colon issues. Basically, every organ […]

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Coronavirus and new earth

Coronavirus and the New Earth

Coronavirus and the New Earth By Maureen Higgins   The entire world is focused on the same issue–the coronavirus. Once this issue resolves itself, it will be remembered as a time of difficulties, reflections and change. Many people have focused on, meditated, prayed for and worked towards a new healthy earth along with everything existing […]

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sometimes you need a massage

Sometimes You Just Need a Massage

Sometimes You Just Need a Massage By Kelly Wagner   As a VP of Marketing, I was tasked with my company’s external communications regarding the Covid-19 virus. The messaging was to be focused around confidence, resourcefulness, and being nimble in uncertain times. Our customers count on us to get their orders out. We are stable. […]

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13:13:12 Energies Manifesting

13:13:12 Energies Manifesting By Nancy Randen and Elizabeth Sullivan Meditation Invitation during these Days   When you meditate you can support the clearing of the collective and your own individual energy fields. Meditation can support calming you down during this time and support a clear, calm connection to your higher self—the place that gives you answers […]

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The Path into the Unknown (Part 4 of 4)

The Path into the Unknown (Part 4 of 4) By Maureen Higgins   Our group of friends have stayed true to our spiritual journey’s intention on our trip in Sedona, AZ which synchronistically came during the global crisis of the coronavirus. Our intention was to do regular meditations each day where we align with our […]

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The Councils of 13 and New Earth (Part 2 of 4)

The Councils of 13 and New Earth (Part 2) By Maureen Higgins   Our small friend group continued their spiritual adventures in earnest. We came to Sedona on a transformational journey recognizing that our interconnectedness with everybody and everything would help with the collective shift which had moved to a new level of intensity. The […]

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New energies on Earth

2019: Anchoring New Energies on Earth

2019: Anchoring New Energies on Earth By Michele Rae   I see 2019 as a year of unprecedented high vibration, opportunities and support. We truly are vessels of light, love and service. How do you see yourself living optimally personally, interpersonally and professionally in 2019? These changes are impacting us in transforming ways- especially with […]

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