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It’s A Journey

It’s A Journey By Lisa Katheyrine Howard   To those just starting to understand spirituality, their purpose, and their path on this journey to enlightenment, this column is for you. Each person’s journey and understanding is different, so I won’t tell you what to believe, but give you information to consider. Take what resonates and […]

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We are all related

We are all Related

We are all Related By Maureen Higgins   What if you believed that everybody on earth was your ancestor despite the color of their skin or their religious beliefs? How would this change how you feel about them or treat them?  Research suggests that if you go back 20 generations, or the 1400’s, we are […]

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Emotions Impact Abundance yellow orange red watercolor

Emotions Impact Abundance

Emotions Impact Abundance By Nancy Clairmont Carr   “It felt like my body did a 180!” This arrived in my text this morning after my mastermind client did a liver flush. He then asked “Do my organs hold negative emotions?” Emotions Control Abundance Yes. They. Do. Our organs, glands and systems capture negative emotions. Your […]

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Coco is worried about the bills, too!

Your Pets Are Worried About the Bills, Too

Your Pets Are Worried About the Bills, Too By Kristen Hall   You know those bills you’re worried about? The ones that were unexpected and you’re not sure how you’re going to pay? Your pets are worried about those bills, too. Animals are experts at reading body language and energy. So you can tell yourself, […]

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Understanding Simultaneous/Parallel Lifetimes

Understanding Simultaneous/Parallel Lifetimes By Maureen Higgins Many people understand we’ve had past lives but not many people think about having simultaneous/parallel lifetimes. What does this even mean? This means we’re having a lifetime, somewhere else, at the same time we’re living our current life. This may seem impossible but the new sciences such as quantum […]

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