whale wisdom by annca from Pixabay

Whale Wisdom

Whale Wisdom By Michele Rae It was late February 2020. I was on the beach one afternoon immersed in my Qigong practice and I saw a humpback whale emerge nose up about 100 feet off the shore in front of me! She submerged and came up again moving parallel to the shore. Our eyes met. […]

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Exercise as Therapy Session

Exercise as Therapy Session By Catherine Siri Sat Liska Originally this interview appeared in Minnesota Monthly Cold weather and lack of daylight can lead to a mild case of the winter blues or more serious seasonal depression. And while it’s common knowledge that exercise boosts mood, movement routines specifically designed to release negative energy and […]

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Mei Ying mountains

Why Practice Mindful Movement

Why Practice Mindful Movement By Catherine Siri Sat Liska   Why is Mindful Movement such a key element to living a creative, healthy and authentically empowered life?   Because all change comes from the movement of our mind directing the movement of our body. By the practice of noticing WHAT we are feeling, WHERE in […]

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