bridging the divide towards unity

Bridging the Divide Towards Unity

Bridging the Divide Towards Unity By Michele Rae I feel a bombardment daily trying to convince me that focusing on our differences and making the “other” who does not think like me, look like me, or believe like me is “bad and wrong.” A constant stream of news and social media encourages divisiveness and polarity. […]

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what are you seeing more clearly

What Are You Seeing More Clearly?

What Are You Seeing More Clearly? By Michele Rae During this time of confinement and crisis, what are you noticing that you did not pay attention to when you were in your “normal busy” routine? As I talk daily to clients and students, I am inspired by their courage and raw honesty as each person […]

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Coronavirus and new earth

Redefining God

Redefining God By Maureen Higgins God has had many faces since the beginning of humankind. God was the goddess during matriarchal days. Mother earth and the sky goddesses were worshipped along with Minoan, the Snake Goddess as is indicated by statues found during archaeological digs. We had Isis, Osirius, Horus, Amun, Ra, Hathor, Bastet, Thoth, […]

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