Psychic & Intuitive Gifts Series, Part 6: 
Open These Gifts Up

By Elizabeth Sullivan

Congratulations we have reached our final day of the series!

It takes awareness and courage to go inward as we open up to these gifts – that everyone has within themselves.

These Psychic Gifts & Intuitive Nature are like the primary senses, everyone has them, but not all have mastered them, or even taken the time to acknowledge them, become curious, and awakened to them. As we open ourselves up to the synchronicities and magic of our lives, we open up our ability to receive information psychically and intuitively with greater ease. It means that we may need to relinquish some of our prior conditioning if we have been told we need to prove it to be real. We may have been mocked for these gifts at younger ages, or had them discounted. When psychic knowings begin to be trusted we see that they are leading us into the more expansive use of our very essence being in connection with our higher selves. Working with a person who we can trust can support opening these gifts.

As I have studied energy work accompanied with Yoga and Ayurveda I have been able to awaken these dormant gifts within myself and pay attention to them when they are trying to get my attention, healing the past conditioning that led me to dismiss them initially. We are in intense and exciting times as past life mastery of our soul is ready to come back online, and current life mastery of gifts are synergizing with this. Learning about the very brilliance of our system is one way to do this, and recognizing our innate abilities to self-heal and be connected directly to Source energies within us and around us further supports us tapping into our Psychic Gifts and Intuitive Nature.

Thank you for tuning into this series and beginning or continuing the conversation and exploration with your psychic gifts and intuition. Sentient beings and the cosmos needs these gifts now more than ever! Below is a ritual to further support these gifts with you – you may want to read through it all first to gather what you will need, tweak it in any way that feels good to your soul and then enact it. Have fun! And thanks for joining me! Love to hear how this series supported you if inspired to share that with me, drop me an email!

Ritual for Opening Your Psychic Gifts & Intuition

Today, put some oil on that ignites/calms your senses, light a candle, choose a stone found in nature or a gem/crystal, sit quietly in your sacred space. Observe your breath – bring it to quiet, continuous, even, subtle and then read the following affirmations to support your Psychic Gifts & Intuition – feel free to write your own.

Daily Affirmations to Support Your Soul’s Psychic Gifts & Intuitive Nature

Every being relies on psychic and intuitive gifts as well as the primary senses to know themselves & the world. I honor this in myself and in others!

I ask to connect consciously to my higher self, and optimal spirit guides aligned with my highest good truth and source. I ask that this conscious connection is clear, calm, focused, and light-filled. And ask for an energy of protection, energy of invisibility so only those spirits that are optimal can participate and see in.

I am light and sound frequencies of love.

I am gifted, each being is gifted. I trust in my abilities to open myself up to these gifts and knowings with my higher self directing what is optimal for me.

I am a sovereign being of light. I am optimally connected to Source Energies and the Wisdom of my Higher Self.

I ask that my field is optimally cleared and healed of anything blocking my senses, intuition and psychic gifts.

I hold the ability to Self-Heal and Self-Realize and I know my true Divine Being and use my gifts in service of my optimal path, life and realization in optimal service of self and others.

Add your own – and feel free to also write anything you want to let go of and then burn or shred the patterning you are releasing. And add the affirmations to the above to support you… add it to your sacred space to work with this month.

For Today’s Invitation for Self Awareness

Stay in these frequencies for a while, breathing in light and exhaling light, and when you are ready, open your eyes if they are closed.

And then take a moment to reflect on where you were when we began this exploration of Psychic Gifts and Intuition 6 days ago. Journal, draw, or create art using a stick to draw in the dirt, or make a Mandela out of things you find of inspiration in nature. You can use the inquiries below to support your reflection.

What has opened up for you? What has deepened within you? What are you ready to trust within yourself more? What awareness is affirmed?

Relook at the day one ranking you gave the 8 Clairs – does this order still hold true for you, or has it shifted? If so, what does it look like now for you?









What I notice about my psychic gifts and intuition today after a week of exploration is?

As I commit to deepening my psychic gifts and intuitive nature I will write the following supportive affirmations:

Remember you are light!

I’d love to hear what you have learned about your psychic gifts and intuition if you are inspired to share with me feel free!



Elizabeth Sullivan is an expert instructor, certified yoga therapist, and practitioner in Yoga, Energy Work and Ayurveda. She supports the body to optimally function using neuromuscular reeducation and working with energy patterns. By integrating and aligning body, mind and spirit energy, she creates relaxation, increased energy flow, optimized sleep and a clear mind for her clients. Her work helps people hold higher consciousness to live their optimal lives. Elizabeth offers private lessons, group classes and workshops, and online programs for health practitioners, and also writes for health publications. She holds advanced degrees in Dev. Psychology, Education and Writing, along with certifications in each instructional area. To learn more, visit

Elizabeth SullivanElizabeth Sullivan, MFA, MA, BA, Certified Yoga Therapy, Energy Medicine

Founding member, Community for Higher Consciousness
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