Psychic & Intuitive Gifts Series, Part 5: 
The Last Two Clairs

By Elizabeth Sullivan

What have you discovered to date with the first 6 Clairs? Which ones have you been using unconsciously, which are now in your awareness? And which ones are you curious to open and develop?

Today we will open the last two Clairs this series is covering – knowing that there are so many more senses and psychic gifts that support our intuition, higher self awareness, wisdom, and discernment. Let us explore Clairgustance (Clear Taste) and Clarisalience (Clear Smell). These two Clairs open up the ability to garner information beyond these senses primary functions.

Clairgustance (Clear Taste)

This way of knowing is when you taste something you have not eaten per se in order to garner more information about a person, place or thing. It may be that your sense of taste gets activated to solve a case, or to remind you of a loved one who has passed. However, when this gift gets activated the source of the taste is not present, but arises to point you toward the answer to a case, question, or to bring more information in that you are seeking clarity around. To nourish your sense of taste practice incorporating the 6 tastes in your diet. (See Previous post on the mind and the senses and breath in the subscriber section on my website). Also when you eat, really feel the taste on the tongue, or when you go places taste the air– the place at a visceral level.

Chakra – connected to the second Chakra – which supports your connection to taste – the taste of an experience, emotion, food, all of it we need to digest to support our ability to create and procreate – what we eat becomes us all the way down to our seventh tissue – the reproductive organs.

Gem/Crystal to work with: Amber, Amethyst, Citrine, Moonstone, Mookaite, and any others you feel intuitively called toward.

Clairesalience (Clear Smell)

This psychic gift shows itself if you can smell something that is not present – perhaps you smell your grandmother’s perfume but she has long passed away. Or you walk into a space and smell something but there is not a physical sign of that smell being present in the 3d world. It is when a scent gets your awareness and attention to stop, pause, take notice, and take action – perhaps it is a spirit communicating with you through your sense of smell to contact someone, or to recall someone who is there to assist you or needs assistance. To nourish this gift, pay attention to your sense of smell in your everyday life. When you come home and smell dinner cooking can you identify what it is? What spices were used? Neti pot to keep this channel and the subtle body channel cleansed. Also using oils and spices to stimulate your sense of smell can be supportive. Nadi Shodana is also a great pranayama to keep the sense of smell open and balanced and the subtle body channels flowing.

Chakra – Connected to the Root Chakra – where the element of earth supports the experience of being grounded. We smell the earth to know the earth… and it supports our ability to eliminate and create more earth.

Gem/Crystal to work with: Mookaite, Red Jasper, Tourmaline, and any others you feel intuitively called toward.

For Today’s Invitation for Self Awareness

Take a moment to light a candle, create or sit in a sacred space outside in nature or inside, breathe, and reflect on the two Psychic Gifts/Clairs of Clairgustance (Clear Taste) and Clairsalience (Clear Smell) which one comes more naturally into your practice?



What I notice about my psychic gifts and intuition today?

When I eat today I will note Clear Taste sensations? Where on my tongue do I feel the taste I am eating get activated? Tip, Sides, middle or root of the tongue?

What smells am I aware of? Where do I feel my breath within my nasal passage? How might my sense of smell give me clear information of my surroundings?

And one time I relied on them, or noticed their psychic gifts in my life was…

Remember you are light, love to hear what you are learning about your psychic gifts and intuition if you are inspired to share with me feel free!



Elizabeth Sullivan is an expert instructor, certified yoga therapist, and practitioner in Yoga, Energy Work and Ayurveda. She supports the body to optimally function using neuromuscular reeducation and working with energy patterns. By integrating and aligning body, mind and spirit energy, she creates relaxation, increased energy flow, optimized sleep and a clear mind for her clients. Her work helps people hold higher consciousness to live their optimal lives. Elizabeth offers private lessons, group classes and workshops, and online programs for health practitioners, and also writes for health publications. She holds advanced degrees in Dev. Psychology, Education and Writing, along with certifications in each instructional area. To learn more, visit

Elizabeth SullivanElizabeth Sullivan, MFA, MA, BA, Certified Yoga Therapy, Energy Medicine

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