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Our community members have united with the shared belief that everybody and everything is interconnected, so we all effect each other in both positive and negative ways. The more of us that know this, and treat each other as we’d want to be treated, the faster we move humanity, the planet and all living consciousness into greater health, love and peace.

Many call this the ascension process. The Community for Higher Consciousness blogs, classes and workshops, members’ services and products reflect the desire to help humanity, and all living consciousness, embrace the knowing we are all part of a Oneness field. We hope you become a part of our community and find comfort, as we have, in knowing we can make a difference together!

Our purpose is to support people to be their best selves through moving into higher consciousness.

What is Higher Consciousness? Ascension, and higher consciousness, is all about raising our happiness and love set-point. This allows us to attain unity consciousness. We have entered an important era in history where we’re all being called on to participate.

How do we raise our set-point to accomplish this? Read more about higher consciousness

Our Blog

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Notre Dame

Back to France–More on Past Lives

Back to France–More on Past Lives By Maureen Higgins   My first time to Paris felt like home. This was due to a past life I recalled in 1999 where I was a man named Joseph living in Paris during the 1700's. I wrote about this trip in an earlier...

How Long Does It Take to Change a Habit?

How Long Does It Take to Change a Habit? By Catherine Siri Sat Liska   First of all, let's answer the question: What is a habit?   A habit is a subconscious chain reaction between the mind, the glandular system and the nervous system. We develop habits at a very...

Change is Here – You are Part of a Growing Movement!

Change is Here - You are Part of a Growing Movement! By Maureen Higgins   We are in an era of great change capable of letting the past go to a much larger extent than ever before!   Our bodies tend to hold onto the old–old memories, emotions, beliefs, patterns...

Upcoming Classes & Workshops Schedule

We offer a variety of events designed to improve your personal and professional life, from practitioners’ training and influencer development to reiki, yoga and monthly attunements.
Oak tree in southern Louisiana
Lisa Katheyrine Howard
Spiritual Growth and Psychic Development Workshop #1
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Magical movement without moving
Catherine Siri Sat Liska
Love Your Back Kundalini Yoga & Sound Healing
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Disconnection and Cellular Activation
Elizabeth Sullivan
Disconnection from the Collective Shadow & Cellular Activation
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Community for Higher Consciousness member services

Our Members’ Services

Our founding members consist of body, mind and spirit oriented doctors, practitioners and service providers that understand your desires to move forward in higher consciousness utilizing alternative and heart centered practices.