Elizabeth Sullivan, MFA, MA, BA

Certified Yoga Therapy, Energy Medicine

“I believe we are all meant to be the most divine version of ourselves and live our fullest potential, that it is our birthright.”

Elizabeth Sullivan founding member
I train, teach, and support practitioners and people in their innate ability to self-heal. This brings in their soul’s gifts and mastery on their journey of self-realization and sovereignty. As a Yoga Therapist who is SomaYoga Therapy Trained, I combine somatics —neuromuscular re-education, which allows people to regain function, form and pain free mobility. Using the living wisdom of Ayurveda for daily routines in this life and over lifetimes, people become more skillful with their energy. We refine the subtle energy bodies that the physical body orientates around through breath practices, pranayama, and with the support of energy medicine of SourcePoint Therapy.
By working in the energetic fields the system remembers its innate brilliance, health, and potential. This strengthens our connection to the blueprint of human health and grounds the information into our physical, mental, emotional bodies. By accessing your multidimensional nature through energy work and healing ancestry (past patterns that influence the present day), and other lifetimes while lifting the heavier energies of the collective, people gain lighter energy and happiness to manifest their purpose.
I blend my passion for optimal health and full potential to support people’s next best steps on their path to wholeness, and remembering their divine brilliance. I draw on ancient wisdom and cutting edge modalities to support self-healing and the removal of blockages that have held people back. I write for Yoga International and other publications where I am motivated to share, train, and teach these approaches so that all may benefit. To train, learn or work one on one check out my offerings.
There is no greater healer and teacher than your higher Self and being in an intimate connection with the blueprint for human health to support your fullest potential.
I support people who want to release Energetic, Emotional, Karmic, Trauma, Physical, Ancestral or Belief Systems blocks by bringing in the Blueprint for the human being as well as working with the person’s higher self and soul to harmonize past or simultaneous lifetimes.
I write for Yoga International and other publications where I’m motivated to share these tools with all ages to support their health and potential. I teach and see clients at Tula Yoga & Wellness, and also teach with Yoga North International SomaYoga Institute.
For more information, visit somasoulsovereignty.com

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