emerging possibilities

Emerging Possibilities

Emerging Possibilities By Michele Rae   What a time of emerging possibilities we are living in! It is exciting, exhilarating, scary and uncertain all rolled into one simultaneous experience. How do I navigate, make sense, integrate, and embody this time of transformation in my experience of being human? How do I support my students and […]

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imagining our ideal world

Imagining Our Ideal World

Imagining Our Ideal World By Michele Rae   When you imagine an ideal world for human beings and all who inhabit the earth, what do you envision? I imagine a world… Where every child born into the world is celebrated as a seed of awe and wonder. Each child’s gifts, talents, passions, and inherent uniqueness […]

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exploring ego how is it like a tongue

Exploring Ego: How is it like my tongue?

Exploring Ego: How is it like my tongue? By Michele Rae   I have encountered various points of view about the human ego, my least favorite is that it is ‘bad and wrong’. Some beliefs state the ego needs dissolving and needs to ‘die’ to be an ‘enlightened’ human being. After multiple conversations with clients […]

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kindness a positive force

Kindness: A Positive Force

Kindness: A Positive Force By Michele Rae   Do random acts of kindness touch your heart?   I recently read a heartwarming post on Nextdoor neighborhood chat about a random act of kindness. A woman wrote: “My faith in humanity has been restored! On my way home today, I stopped at Cub Foods. So, as […]

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whale wisdom by annca from Pixabay

Whale Wisdom

Whale Wisdom By Michele Rae It was late February 2020. I was on the beach one afternoon immersed in my Qigong practice and I saw a humpback whale emerge nose up about 100 feet off the shore in front of me! She submerged and came up again moving parallel to the shore. Our eyes met. […]

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imagine our future together

Imagining Our Future Together

Imagining Our Future Together By Michele Rae When you imagine an ideal future for yourself, your family, community, this planet, what do you envision? This time of transformation invites freedom from the old paradigms, structures, and patterns. We have an unprecedented opportunity to create a world that supports optimal expression and experience for every human […]

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How Are You Preparing?

How Are You Preparing? By Michele Rae We are in a state of preparation for another round of new possibilities emerging, can you feel it? For me, I am preparing to teach new classes, have moved into a new office, and participating in several interviews, webinars and podcasts. Deeper than the external preparation, there is […]

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bridging the divide towards unity

Bridging the Divide Towards Unity

Bridging the Divide Towards Unity By Michele Rae I feel a bombardment daily trying to convince me that focusing on our differences and making the “other” who does not think like me, look like me, or believe like me is “bad and wrong.” A constant stream of news and social media encourages divisiveness and polarity. […]

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what are you seeing more clearly

What Are You Seeing More Clearly?

What Are You Seeing More Clearly? By Michele Rae During this time of confinement and crisis, what are you noticing that you did not pay attention to when you were in your “normal busy” routine? As I talk daily to clients and students, I am inspired by their courage and raw honesty as each person […]

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