How Are You Preparing?

By Michele Rae

We are in a state of preparation for another round of new possibilities emerging, can you feel it? For me, I am preparing to teach new classes, have moved into a new office, and participating in several interviews, webinars and podcasts. Deeper than the external preparation, there is an inner readiness occurring as waves of new era perspectives open in my awareness.

We now understand our inner growth process contributes positively and directly to the collective evolution. Each of us faces challenges and situations in our lives. Whether we think we are having “good” experiences or “bad” experiences is a judgment of the mind. What matters is the quality and depth of presence and awareness we bring to each interaction and experience.

When we can see our challenges and situations as neutral and empathize with all the perspectives of every individual in any given interaction, we complete an experience, and it becomes a realization. Our individual realizations are shared with the collective community and the collective evolves.

Your healing and growth are a key aspect of the evolution of the collective. The practice of expanding your awareness, setting your intention, increasing your perspectives heals your holes. This moves all towards wholeness and the knowing we are Holy, individually and collectively.

How are your ah-ha’s and insights contributing to the historic shifts into higher consciousness? How are you integrating, preparing, realigning, and realizing?

Here are a few more prompts to support you as you prepare for the new era arising:

  • What are you through with, internally and externally?
  • What loose ends are you finishing up?
  • What is rearranging and moving into new alignment in your inner and outer world?
  • What details are you attending to?
  • What relationships are mutually beneficial and supportive?
  • How are you staying grounded and centered?

During this time, it is essential to be impeccable with your self-care. Breathe deeply. Find time for silence and stillness. Get out in nature. Eat whole food. You are recalibrating, reconfiguring, and resetting. Be kind and patient with yourself. You are the light worker and way shower that is contributing positively to the collective through your calm and steady presence. Humanity needs YOU to realize YOUR full potential.

If fear or resistance comes up, expand your point of view.

  • Engage in your spiritual practice.
  • Notice where you are not willing to be the flow. Relax.
  • Say yes to your inner knowing and calling and no to that which does not serve the highest good.
  • Speak your truth anyway.
  • Develop your witness observer perspective.
  • Ask for what you need anyway.
  • Trust your intuition.
  • Pay attention to synchronicity.

Spirit has your back! Earth angels are here for you. Your guidance is supporting you. You are the ones we have been waiting for!

Thank you,
Michele Rae


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