Summer Cleaning: Decluttering Our Emotional Closet

As we begin this new season celebrating the warmth of the sun and the beauty of nature I invite you to go outside, move your body and take a moment to connect with this beautiful planet we call our home:

and allow the fresh air to fill your lungs with life-giving oxygen and the sun to revitalize your cells with the magic ingredients for making Vitamin D.

I ALSO invite you to go inside your “emotional closet” and do a little “emotional decluttering.”

each day by paying attention to your mind so that you begin to recognize how your habitual thoughts are intertwined with your emotional state.

Our emotional field is expressed at the energy center of the solar plexus, and when we feel out of balance emotionally we must balance the 3rd chakra (located at the solar plexus) by refocusing our mind/body relationship using conscious intention that shifts the energy field. Moving our body is a great way to do express our emotions in a healthy way and harmonize our energy field. And by consciously moving the body in particular patterns it is possible to tap into our subconscious through the energetic aspects of the emotional and mental energy fields that influence our physical body. Yogic science has known this for eons and has provided us with a tradition that works with body intelligence to assist in raising the consciousness of our body as we continue to integrate the new paradigm of freedom and love.

I invite you to master your mind and emotions by joining me via video to for this fun 20-minute movement practice from Kundalini Yoga.

This is a gentle and effective practice to deal with calming excessive ruminations of the “monkey mind” and smooth out emotional overwhelm.

Kundalini Yoga  Practice to Separate Thoughts from Emotions

This simple movement sequence unravels the reactive thought patterns that recur due to unconscious emotional processing. The emotional energy is transformed and thoughts are, in a sense, “detached” from the emotional energy to allow clarity of mind and calmness in the physical body

This kriya (or practice) is highly recommended during times of increased solar flare activity as the magnetism of the sun-to-earth relationship is always influencing the human nervous system.

When our 3rd chakra energy is being heightened by activity from the sun our mental/emotional field becomes “triggered” to bring forth unresolved emotions and beliefs for clearing.

This is because the higher frequency solar energy is trying to integrate into our bodies but there is too much lower frequency emotional energy in the 3rd chakra to allow full harmonizing of the sun with the physical body.

This movement sequence literally “captures and transforms” that lower energy using arm movements and mental focus.

20 Minute Practice includes:

  • Warm Ups for the Spine
  • Meditation to Separate Thoughts from Emotion
  • Guided Imagery to Relax and Connect with Heart & Navel Energies

NOTE: If you are not able to fully extend the right arm, modify by making the right arm movement smaller until you are able to “clap” the energy ball without experiencing pain.

I recommend that you sit cross legged using a cushion to raise and support your pelvis OR sit on a straight chair with both feet resting on the floor. Never push yourself to move outside of your authentic range of motion – be gentle with yourself as you explore this practice.

Blessings on your journey: 
Be gentle and kind to yourself.
Take a deep breath.
Stretch and wiggle your body.
Feel a ‘smile’ in your eyes,
and have a VIBRANT, JOYFUL DAY!!! 

– Catherine Siri Sat Liska

Catherine LiskaCatherine Siri Sat Liska
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