New Visions—Toss out the Old Map!

Many of us are looking at the chaos in the world through the eyes of what we think of as truth. Much of what we’re thinking and feeling is scary and divisive and even overwhelming.

What if you were to toss out the old map of how you look at things and act like you know nothing for awhile–give your brain a good rest? What if you were to sit with your old emotions, fears and beliefs and become a witness to them without buying into them?  You’d likely find the emotions, fears and beliefs lifting off of you with new revolutionary ideas coming in!!

If enough of us do this, we may find that things really start to change since we’re all interconnected and can create a critical mass shift!

What I’ve noticed, energetically speaking, when looking at clients energy fields, is that outdated beliefs put walls in our energy fields causing things to stay stuck. As soon as the old belief is let go of, the field opens up for new things to come in! I’ve experienced this many times myself and perhaps you have before too.

Have you ever been in a situation where you researched and worried and analyzed how to solve a difficult challenge without any success to only find yourself hitting a wall with nothing left to do but wait? With this surrender/letting go, something totally unexpected comes in which is much, much better than you could have ever hoped for! This has happened many times for me so I’m convinced this is the way to move through unprecedented times.

A group of my colleagues agree. We are all interested in being a part of that critical mass shift into a new world map. We don’t know what this new world map will look like but know that, if enough of us toss out the old world map and wait for the new visions and map, it will emerge.

Merge your individual meditation for a new world map with our Community for Higher Consciousness (CHC) meditation starting with this Sunday, June 21, 2020 at 7:00 PM Central Daylight Savings Time. If that time doesn’t work for you, ask to pinpoint this time of day and ask that your meditation joins with ours.  We will also be meditating on this on July 1, 2020 at 7:00 PM CDT.

Suggestions on meditating with the CHC group: sit quietly with the intention that you want to let go of the old way of looking at yourself, your life, your country, your world and the cosmos so that you can come into new evolutionary insights and behaviors. Empty your mind and focus on your breath, 3rd eye and/or be with whatever thoughts and emotions come up as an observer.

Our community has decided to set up dates, throughout the year, to meditate on letting go of the old and bringing in a new, optimal evolutionary ways of looking and acting in life. We’ll have them posted on our calendar at  Please take a look at this and sign up for our blog and other exciting opportunities!

Let’s join hands and create a new world map together!

Many blessings,

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