Transform Your Brand Using Ancient Wisdom

By Ammada Tuy, MS, BA and Wealthy Phonseya, AS

At Onto 27, we intentionally use the power of ancient wisdom to elevate and transform brands. Through our own spiritual journeys and extensive travels, we’ve developed an affinity with symbology that we’ve absorbed from different cultures and ancient texts.

Our work brings meaning and embodiment to brand concepts with a fresh, current take on ancient principles. Continue reading if you’d like to learn more about our intuitive and conscious approach to design and on how we can use it to amplify your purpose in this world.

The Power of Ancient Symbols

For thousands of years, humanity has used symbols to communicate with one another. Symbols contain no words, yet they say so much. Just like written language, they are embedded with deeper meaning that enables people to communicate complex ideas and concepts.

You may be drawn to a particular symbol because it speaks to something deep within you, something that you can’t simply explain. Symbols are the language of the unconscious mind.

There are many universal symbols that have developed simultaneously across cultures since the dawn of time, somehow surpassing geography, language, race, or religion. Rooted in a common human experience, they carry powerful messages even today. These ancient symbols are often rooted in sacred geometry.

Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry is known as a series of geometric shapes that make up the blueprint of creation and contains deep metaphysical meaning. These shapes give us insights into the basis of our world, helping us explore the idea that the universe was created according to a specific geometric plan – that behind all of the chaos, there is order.

Every life form comes back to at least one or more geometric shapes. It is found everywhere throughout the natural world – for example, the spiral in a snail’s shell, the pattern of a single snowflake, the petals in a flower and so much more.

Sacred geometry is known to emit high frequency energy that can activate and transform. The symbols are light codes that can be used consciously to bring deep soul awakening and connection to our true divine essence. It can be used to open up pathways to higher dimensions, as well as the connection to the oneness of all life, in nature and the world around us.

High Vibrational Designs by Onto 27

We specialize in creating high vibrational brands by drawing inspiration from existing sacred geometry symbols and ancient principles. Let’s take a look at some designs we’ve created for various brands. Can you feel the energies they emit?

These designs we created were derived from existing sacred geometry structures and ancient symbols such as the golden ratio, vesica piscis, merkaba and more – all of which contain different metaphysical meanings that are extremely powerful.

Let Us Be Your Guide

Onto 27 takes an intuitive and conscious approach to design. We’ll work with you as dedicated partners, taking the time to understand your vision and how branding and visual design can best support your purpose. We focus on the core essence of your brand, bringing it to life in a unique way that stands out from the crowd, attracts your optimal audience and contributes towards higher consciousness. If you’re ready to reimagine your brand using ancient wisdom, we’d love to help.

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