Emotions Impact Abundance


“It felt like my body did a 180!”

This arrived in my text this morning after my mastermind client did a liver flush. He then asked “Do my organs hold negative emotions?”

Emotions Control Abundance

Yes. They. Do. Our organs, glands and systems capture negative emotions. Your liver holds anger and grief. Your body stores the energy of every thought and feeling you’ve ever had. It is the most powerful reflection of your life to date. Physically, mentally, emotionally. Long term feelings of anger block the flow and cause liver issues and creates a downward spiral of abundance.

When you have negative feelings such as betrayal or abandonment for instance, it is immediately felt and contained in your heart. Perhaps not a surprise that it would be stored there. But what happens after that?

Relationships Drive Abundance

You energetically build a heart wall, which keeps messages you intend for others from being received. A heart wall also prevents you from receiving messages from others. Not so good, right?  Especially knowing that all our abundance comes from developing relationships with others. Being able to develop optimal relationships is key to creating what you want, getting your message out, and ultimately creating the impact and lifestyle you desire.

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Heart walls also prevent optimal energy flow within your body, as in blood flow, and all other energy that needs to circulate. This is how dis-ease is manifested.  With repeat negative feelings of abandonment, rejection or betrayal, this heart wall continues to build, creating powerful blockages that can manifest in heart dis-ease.

I was discussing this concept with a highly stressed business client who has significant abandonment and anger issues and has developed a major heart wall. His immediate response was “That is so interesting. I was just at the doctor this morning and was told my blood flow was impaired and it put me on high alert.” Hanz Eysenk discovered that 75% of people who die from heart disease have life-long anger, 15% life-long depression, and 9% both.

GPS For Success

You might think, “I will just take medication and fix that problem”. That doesn’t solve the underlying problem. When we store negative emotions, it affects our entire system- our mental, emotional and physical energy states. Think mind-set impact, ability to have a loving relationship or grow your business significantly. We are connected in all areas of our life. When we optimize one area, we positively impact our whole system. It is critical to remove the stored negative emotions and bring in supportive energy for increased flow if we want to create abundance in all areas of life.

Removing heart walls and other negative emotions from our organs, glands and systems give us an opportunity for new life. This is the focus of our work at The Joy-Effect – creating optimal mental, emotional and physical states for consistent high performance in all areas of life. Eliminating negative energy patterns and blocks, and using energy optimizing strategies create overall well-being. It is our GPS for success.

Dr. Mark Hyman, Medical Director at Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Functional Medicine states, “The most elusive aspect of success is well-being, which encompasses physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wealth. Money and power results too often from a sacrifice of the self, and the abandonment of simple principles of self-care.” Optimize your energy for “the power to manifest your humanity without restriction or limitation.”

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To your abundance,
Nancy Clairmont Carr

Nancy Clairmont Carr

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