Your Pets Are Worried About the Bills, Too


You know those bills you’re worried about? The ones that were unexpected and you’re not sure how you’re going to pay?

Your pets are worried about those bills, too.

Animals are experts at reading body language and energy. So you can tell yourself, “Everything is fine! My pets are happy!” but if you ARE worried about the bills, your pets will pick up on your worry and it WILL affect them.

Your pets don’t read the newspaper, and they don’t watch the news (they may look at the screen, but they’re not really aware of what’s going on). YOU are their news.

Think about it: If the only way you knew what was going on in the outside world was through one or two caregivers, and one day they were really anxious about something, but couldn’t tell you what it was, wouldn’t that make you anxious? It makes me anxious just thinking about it!

To get that image out of our heads, let’s imagine the opposite. Let’s imagine that your caregiver comes home and it’s obvious something wonderful just happened. They have a glow about them, a smile on their face, and they are relaxed and happy. Doesn’t that make YOU feel relaxed and happy?

Your pets deal with this every time you walk in the door. So let’s get real. What are the things in your life you need to work on?

Here are some ideas:
  • Find a new job if your current one constantly stresses you out
  • Work on your relationship if you are constantly fighting with your spouse or partner
  • Seek help from a financial adviser or debt counselor if your debts are making you toss and turn at night
  • Manage your stress by doing yoga, meditating, or going on a walk.

There’s an old saying “Happy Wife, Happy Life.” When it comes to pets, it’s “Happy Life, Happy Pets.” Work on your own happiness and your pets will gladly follow.

Kristen HallKristen Hall
Sunshine Knoll   [email protected]

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