Energy Healing Audios in a Time of Need

As I sat in the Emergency Department at 8:30pm with my 7 year old daughter doubled over in deep abdominal pain, I feared she had suffered a burst appendix. I had already reached out to my mentor and received a check-in that it wasn’t her appendix, but the anxiety remained and I needed reassurance.

An IV was needed to testing and to administrate the fluid for the CT Scan. She was hyperventilating, crying and begging to go home. The little girl in me silently cried out “Let’s run as fast as we can for the door” but the mother in me grounded my mind, body and spirit and tried my best to hold space for my little one.

hospital healing audios
Photo by Olga Kononenko from Unsplash

After the IV was installed we knew we had a hour to wait before the procedure. I had to take her mind away from the Emergency Room… away from the pain.

I propped up my phone on the bed and played healing audio by Maureen Higgins, Founder of Wings of Freedom. I then placed my hand on her head and began some energy work.

My entire family keeps a selection of Wings of Freedom’s healing audios on our phones. They are powerful, guided audios that are at a high vibrational healing frequency. The one I played this evening (that was turning into morning) was “DNA repair for Optimal Health”

Within five minutes I had her breathing normally and beginning to rest. In another five minutes she was asleep.

These audios are perfect for so many times of your life… and I am blessed they are apart of our daily lives.

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1 thought on “Energy Healing Audios in a Time of Need

  1. What a scary situation! I’m SO pleased to hear you were able to calm your daughter down without relying on harmful pharmaceuticals.

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