Kelly Wagner, BIS

You’ve Got Kelly
Intuitive Counseling, Marketing and Business Coaching

“Changing the world begins with a small group of people that simply refuse to accept the unacceptable” – Richard Branson

You've Got KellyKelly is fascinated by motivating people to open up, communicate and discover their “Why”. She creates space and hold energy for people like few others can and do. And that energy doesn’t go unnoticed. She’s routinely stopped by strangers who want to share their life’s stories with her.

Kelly’s intuitive, honest, authentic, clean, encouraging approach when working with people is quite unique. When other practitioners may tackle the problems at the surface, Kelly digs deeper. She is known for asking out loud the questions most only think, in the pursuit of truth. She dials in and see an illuminated “Yellow Brick Road” that shows Kelly the path her clients should follow to fulfill their goals.

She believes that assisting people discover their “Why” and subsequently leading them through various mind/body/spirit programs and techniques creates lasting change and allows them to live their optimal life.

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  • Musings, ideation and inspiration
  • Marketing and business strategy coaching
  • Individual and couple sessions specializing in discovering and understanding one’s “Why”
  • Relationship counseling (relationships with self, family, partners)
  • Home and business clearings of negative energy and entities

Bachelor of Individualized Studies, Mass and Electronic Media, Mass and Popular Culture, ASL (American Sign Language) and Deaf Culture, University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Over 150 CEU’s in Healthcare Supply Chain (2010-2016)

Marketo University Core Concepts training (2019)

Enrolled in Integrated Studies masters program from Saint Mary’s University

Training & Certification

  • Disconnection from the Collective Shadow® and Cellular Activation® protocol
  • 222 Oneness Protocol and 9999 New Earth Healing Systems protocol
  • Ancestral and Other Lifetimes practitioner
  • Star of David home and business gridding
  • Reki (Level One)
  • Medicine Buddha Empowerment and Activation with Sanctuary of the OM (2017)
  • The Triple Helix Field Unifier (2017)
  • The Phoenix Pattern Disolver (2017)
  • Magnetic Heart (2017)