Nancy Clairmont Carr, MBA, Healer

The Joy-Effect
Transformation Coach, Higher Consciousness Creator

“Higher Consciousness Creates an Optimized Life.”

Nancy Clairmont Carr
Specializes in:
  • Transformation coaching
  • Creating higher consciousness
  • Intuitive healing
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As a transformation coach, energy healer, bestselling author and speaker, Nancy Clairmont Carr empowers change-seekers to live a higher consciousness lifestyle. One guided by higher intuition and Divine Intelligence. She helps individuals optimize all areas of their life and create the future they desire.

Nancy’s gift is creating joy, abundance, and freedom for her clients. By removing limiting beliefs, negative energy patterns from all lifetimes, fear, trauma and other obstacles, she helps accelerate growth and healing. Over the last 20 years Nancy has helped clients achieve health, business, spiritual and relationship goals. She includes multiple healing modalities, intuitive healing, holistic health principles, Applied Kinesiology and leadership principles in her coaching.

After a successful marketing career and health coaching business, with an MBA and multiple energy healing certifications, Nancy founded “The Joy-Effect” – a transformation coaching business for achievers who want change now. She offers individual and group energy coaching both in person and remotely, on-line coaching, workshops and retreats.

Learn more at or contact her at and 612-385-3220.

Academic Education

MBA, Marketing

BS in Home Economics Education; Mass Communication

Training & Certification

Ancestral and Other Lifetime Clearings

Disconnection with the Collective Shadow

Cellular Activation

Body Code Healing System and Coaching

The Emotion Code


Classes & Workshops

High Performance Strategies for Conscious Leaders and Influencers
Oct 23 – Oct 25 all-day

High Performance Strategies for Conscious Leaders and Influencers

Conscious Leaders and Influencers retreatDo you want consistent high-performance in business and life?

Join us for a transformative program that delivers
• Strategies for sustainable high performance and growth
• Templates to access intuition for optimal decision making
• Alignment of physical, mental, emotional energy

Thought leaders need strategies to support optimal growth with least effort for work and life. Like Katrina, who grew sales over 20% annually while decreasing work time 20%. Or Angela, whose business doubled through high performance, high profit strategies, while creating more time for additional priorities in her life.

Incorporating these strategies into your practices accelerates growth and intuition, which supports increasing consciousness. This aligns with integrating a purpose driven vision into your business and life.

This retreat is for achievers who want to:
• Create powerful outcomes with the least effort
• Leverage work to create more time
• Influence their environment and teams with high vibrational energy and practices

Key Instructor Bio:
Nancy Clairmont CarrNancy Clairmont Carr, transformation expert, entrepreneur, #1 bestselling author, speaker and energy practitioner, empowers leaders and influencers to transform through higher consciousness. By providing conscious strategies, optimizing mindset and energy field, Nancy accelerates business growth, personal transformation and creates sustainable high performance. Her strategies and intuitive guidance produce results with least effort.Nancy’s career includes business leadership in the corporate and entrepreneurial sectors. With her experience, an MBA and healing certifications, she founded “The Joy-Effect”, a coaching business for achievers to create high performance, conscious lifestyles.

Learn more and register now to transform your business and life!

Retreat Dates: October 23-25, 2019

Special pricing incentives are available:
• Early commitment through Sept. 30, 2019 – $350 off
• Current clients with The Joy-Effect- $200 off
• Dual sign ups – 2 people completing registration at the same time- $150 off
• One special price incentive per person – the more significant incentive will be applied