Nancy Clairmont Carr, MBA

the Joy-Effect
Transformation Coach, Higher Consciousness Creator

“Higher Consciousness Creates an Optimized Life.”

The Joy-Effect where achievers growAs a transformation coach, energy healer, bestselling author and speaker, Nancy Clairmont Carr empowers change-seekers to live a higher consciousness lifestyle. One guided by higher intuition and Divine Intelligence. She helps individuals optimize all areas of their life and create the future they desire.

Nancy’s gift is creating joy, abundance, and freedom for her clients. By removing limiting beliefs, negative energy patterns from all lifetimes, fear, trauma and other obstacles, she helps accelerate growth and healing. Over the last 20 years Nancy has helped clients achieve health, business, spiritual and relationship goals. She includes multiple healing modalities, intuitive healing, holistic health principles, Applied Kinesiology and leadership principles in her coaching.

After a successful marketing career and health coaching business, with an MBA and multiple energy healing certifications, Nancy founded “the Joy-Effect” – a transformation coaching business for achievers who want change now. She offers individual and group energy coaching both in person and remotely, on-line coaching, workshops and retreats.

Learn more at or contact her at [email protected] and 612-385-3220.

Higher Consciousness creates joy, abundance, and freedom

Nancy Clairmont Carr from the Joy-Effect discusses how higher consciousness creates joy, abundance and freedom in this video. She is a founding member of the Community for Higher Consciousness and contributes content, classes, and coaching programs to develop higher consciousness.

Click the video or watch it and others on the CHC’s YouTube Channel.


  • Transformation coaching
  • Creating higher consciousness
  • Intuitive healing

Academic Education

  • MBA, Marketing
  • BS in Home Economics Education; Mass Communication

Training & Certification

  • Ancestral and Other Lifetime Clearings
  • Disconnection with the Collective Shadow
  • Cellular Activation
  • Body Code Healing System and Coaching
  • The Emotion Code
  • Reiki