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I have started working with clients to review and potentially amend their soul contracts. Doing this work has been amazing and I’m grateful to be able to facilitate my clients in discovering this important information.

The best way to explain this work is to tell my personal contract story, which was the start of the information coming from my Higher Self in this area. It started at a spiritual retreat the beginning of September. The retreat started on a Friday afternoon, where we spent several hours working together, in meditation and having dinner. I have known and worked with all of these women over the last 2 – 10 years and consider them my spiritual family on earth. We had a great time, which included lots of laughter.

Saturday morning, we formed a circle to begin the program for the day. Suddenly, I was having a mini panic attack. I don’t have panic attacks, so this was a very unusual and uncomfortable feeling. I searched the environment for the cause of the anxiety. The program for Saturday included new people that would only be joining us for the day. Some were in the room and some were joining us via Zoom. I realized the anxiety started when the new people came into the room. The people joining us that day were also people I knew and considered part of this spiritual family. It seemed that the size of the group and not the specific people gave me anxiety. I used some spiritual “hacks” to resolve the panic attack, but I knew it was a message from my Higher Self, letting me know I had to explore this later.

Later that night, I connected to my Higher Self and asked for more information. Images came in regarding my past friendships. I realized there was a strange pattern. I had many friends, but I couldn’t keep really close relationships, other than with my husband. Except for my husband, all of my “best” friends were taken out of my life. I made a best friend in kindergarten. We were inseparable. She moved in first grade. I made another best friend and then she moved a year later. This pattern kept repeating, until the sixth grade, when I was the person that moved. The pattern continued throughout my life. Since I believe we design everything in our life, I wondered, why would I put this pattern in my life. Also, what did this have to do with the panic attack earlier in the day? I heard a voice that said Lone Wolf and a Knowing that I had put a Lone Wolf protection clause in my soul contract. I didn’t know what a Lone Wolf protection clause was or why I would put it in my contract. I did know that I needed to understand my soul contract better to make sure there weren’t any other surprises.

Soul contract

I started a session with my Higher Self and my optimal spiritual team and worked on learning more about my soul contract. I knew my contract would include my objective/purpose for this lifetime, so I thought I should start with that. Suddenly, I saw myself at a table getting ready to sign my soul contract. I was tired and didn’t want to return to Earth for this lifetime. I realized I was still overwhelmed from a past life in Atlantis. In that lifetime, my family, friends and community, died before my eyes, in a catastrophic event which only took a few minutes to complete. I said I would I sign the soul contract for this lifetime, but I wanted a Lone Wolf cause. I didn’t want to be completely alone, but I wanted to limit the number of people I was really close to, because I couldn’t go through such pain again.

Suddenly, so many things started to make sense. The pattern of losing best friends. My excess weight was another way to keep me distanced from people. When I reflected on the panic attack at the retreat, I understood that I was realizing I was in the middle of a close community again. I had not planned on that happening again, so my anxiety was the fear coming back. Being part of a close community provides a wonderful feeling, but remembering the past life where I lost everyone was overwhelming. I didn’t want a lot of close relationships because losing people was too painful.

Now that I understood the Lone Wolf protection clause, I reflected on my life now, in the past and in the future. Did I want to continue with this protection or see if it could be removed from the contract? My initial reaction was to remove it immediately, but my Higher Self wanted me to spend some time understanding it and how it influenced my life. I eventually removed the protection clause.

After this amazing experience, contract information started showing up in the sessions with my clients. We discovered the Overachiever, the Underachiever, the Fixer and others. Sometimes the type of protection included in the soul contract was not a surprise. For example, the Overachiever was very aware of this behavior in their life. The surprising information was the past life that caused this to be included in the contract, how it was impacting their lifetime and that they could modify the contract to stop this behavior. For others, including myself, they were totally unaware and surprised by the information.

This is a quote from one of these clients, regarding this work.

Working with Lisa, we were able to identify a core contract issue that I’d never been able to fully identify or address. Lisa’s expertise and intuition facilitated the pinpointing and removal of that issue from my contract. Today I think and operate differently as I go through my day. Looking back only confirms that my work with Lisa has been a pivotal experience in my life.
G.M, Minneapolis, MN

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  1. After reading your article, I realized I have had the similar experience of consistently gaining and losing good friends. I also started guarding myself to keep a layer of protection from the emotional pain of losing them. Perhaps I have a similar Lone Wolf soul contract. Thank you for sharing your story Lisa!

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