Lisa Katheyrine Howard, BS, Healer

Greywind Raven

“Believe in Miracles.”

Lisa Howard
Specializes in:
  • Energy healing
  • Identifying and resolving past/simultaneous lives
  • Ascension and wellness coaching

Lisa Katheyrine Howard has been aggressively pursuing the ascension and health/wellness path since 2008. After leaving her corporate job, Lisa pursued multiple disciplines in regaining her health and spirituality, while refocusing her life on appropriate priorities.

Lisa generally works with those individuals that are new to the ascension and/or wellness path, particularly those struggling with life in large corporations. Her broad range of experience, with many different practices, therapies and disciplines, give her clients a wealth of options to use in pursuit of their goals.

Lisa has a thirty plus year career in corporate management and project development. She is currently the SVP, Medicare Compliance and Privacy and Security Officer for a healthcare consulting company. Previously, Lisa was the VP, Strategy Planning and VP, IT Claims Adjudication at a large healthcare company, where she managed multiple teams, including over 300 individuals. This background gives her the unique understanding of the corporate environment and its various situations.

Lisa provides services in energy healing, identifying and resolving past/simultaneous lives, and ascension and wellness coaching.

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Academic Education

Bachelor of Science, Management

Training & Certification

Certified Practitioner “Healing Ancestral & Other Lifetimes┬«”

Certified Practitioner “Disconnection from the Collective Shadow┬« and Cellular Activation┬«”

Usui and Karuna Reiki Master

Triple Helix and Pattern Dissolver Certification

Priestess Path Lineages of Light

Emotion Code Practitioner

Certified Project Manager (CPM)

Certified HIPPA Professional (CHP)