Sometimes You Just Need a Massage


As a VP of Marketing, I was tasked with my company’s external communications regarding the Covid-19 virus.

The messaging was to be focused around confidence, resourcefulness, and being nimble in uncertain times.

Our customers count on us to get their orders out. We are stable.

It was a lot to digest and to think about. So many ways to approach the messaging.

What did I do in the middle of the day during a pandemic?

I washed my hands and went and had a massage.

sometimes you need a massage

During that time of turning off my brain… I truly went into overdrive. It helped clear so much of the wickedly consuming thoughts of the day, that we are heavy on me and block creative flow.

As I relaxed deeper and deeper into my massage the words, the pictures, the sights the sounds, and the emotions started to flow through.

The moment I got home, the words were there.

Simple, clear and to the point.

Sometimes the best thing to do is simply pause. Then take your next step when it feels right.

We’ve got this.

Take care of yourself and others. Remember to wash your hands.


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