Ascension and Optimal Health

Everybody looks at the word “ascension” differently. Some people think of it as an avenue to moving completely off the earth and never coming back, whereas some people think of it as something that only happens to monks or people willing to live in an ashram. Today, ascension is something that is for everybody!

What does ascension mean for modern times? Myself and others are defining ascension as your body holding a higher vibration more aligned with unity consciousness and love. This higher vibration needs to fit with the human body and must be done incrementally if you want your body to handle it with ease.

This being said, the more people who do this work, the faster it happens. At some point, a critical mass shift occurs, a tipping point, so that everyone automatically benefits.

The template many use for the ascension process is that we have 11 dimensions. Dimension 1 is aligned with hate and Dimensions 11 is aligned with love. Earth has been roughly in Dimension 3 to 4. Many people think of us as moving to Dimension 5 (5D), but I think of it as 6D. I think of the 5th dimension as a birth canal of sorts–a no time and no space zone–that moves us to this higher, less polarized vibration. In string theory, a field of science, there are 11 dimensions and the 5th string is a no time and no space zone, which makes sense to me.

How do you bring yourself to this higher vibration? You need to be willing to let go of your past issues, patterns, beliefs, memories, emotions, behaviors that are no longer serving you and see life through a new lens or viewpoint. This includes your current life, ancestry/lineage and karmic/other lifetimes and the collective. My guesstimate is that about 20% of what you’re experiencing is your current life’s problems. You have many other influences that fit with your current life, so by working on all these categories that affect you (and everyone), you can free up more easily. This can take time, but is faster than in the past when very few people were interested in change or thought they could change since it was taboo to have problems.

I remember my maternal grandmother saying to me in the 1970’s, “If you have too many problems, you end up in Anoka State Hospital.” I found out, later in life, that many people were placed there for things they never should have been put in for. Before the hospital threat, it was about being killed if we didn’t follow the rules, such as the witch hunts, religious wars, etc. This still happens in some parts of the world.

Fortunately, in many countries, we can safely work on ourselves realizing that letting go of the past and changing to a higher-level perception and feeling state is freeing and moves you into more happiness, freedom and ease. To do this, you need to be open to letting go fully of anything that is no longer serving you. The less you resist, by looking at life totally differently, the less symptoms and pain experienced. Ask to do the work as fast as your mind, emotions and body can comfortably manage. You can hand it over to your Higher Self/Spirit to decide what you keep and what you let go of.

The more of us that do this work, the more we support each other in making faster progress since we’re all interconnected and part of a Oneness field. Let’s join hands and do this work together!!

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