Understanding Simultaneous/Parallel Lifetimes

Many people understand we’ve had past lives but not many people think about having simultaneous/parallel lifetimes. What does this even mean?

This means we’re having a lifetime, somewhere else, at the same time we’re living our current life. This may seem impossible but the new sciences such as quantum physics, quantum entanglement and plank theory tell us this is a real possibility.

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When I work with clients, I see (using intuitive sight) what’s going on in their energy field to determine how I can help them. Many times there’s a simultaneous lifetime on a different planet, or in a different frequency on our planet, that is bleeding through to their current life. When this happens, the emotions, pain, and challenges going on there, along with the gifts and happy situations, can be felt by your current self.

If its a past life, its easier to resolve challenges because the lifetime is mostly complete. Someone may not be crossed over or a timeline may need to be closed up along with cleansing the energy field of the issues, patterns and emotions. Once lost souls are crossed over, timelines closed up and the energy field cleansed, the pain felt from a past life goes away.

When its a simultaneous lifetime, its not that simple. I was shown, by looking at client’s energy fields, how to help with this. Because you are connected to everybody and everything, through a grid system or matrix, healing yourself heals everyone connected to you. To make the healing more effective, you can consciously ask to offer it to those closest to you. I’ll give you the abbreviated version, to heal simultaneous lifetimes, so you can start finding some relief from these lifetimes today:

  1. I ask my Higher Self to direct and my optimal spirit guides along with my highest good truth and Source to assist. I ask for an energy of protection and invisibility so only those spirits and guides that are optimal can participate and see in.
  2. I ask that the crystalline dimension/11th dimension, which is all about love, opens up in my space at the highest level I can manage mentally, emotionally and physically and translates into a vibration that promotes optimal health and wellness so that anything below the vibration of love transforms into the vibration of love.
  3. I ask to call in the ancestors on my mother and fathers side of the family both alive and deceased, those influencing me today.
  4. I ask to call in all lifetimes I’m in past, present, future, and those souls with me in these lifetimes,
  5. I ask to call in the collective.
  6. I ask that everything I do with this healing process is throughout all time and space and beyond, all appropriate timelines, dimensions and universes using no time and no space to process.
  7. I ask to pinpoint a simultaneous lifetime that is causing challenges in my current lifetime.
  8. I ask that my simultaneous self is also pinpointed.
  9. I ask to bring in a higher vibrational aspect of my soul from the 11th dimension, which is all about love, and an 8th or 9th dimensional aspect of my soul which has an advanced thinking and feeling state, and ask that they merge with my current and simultaneous self to delete and transform any issues, patterns, beliefs, emotions, memories and behaviors not serving me using a no time and no space cocoon.
  10. I ask that anyone influencing me, in this simultaneous lifetime, is pinpointed along with pinpointing their current selves if they’re in both realities.
  11. I ask, if their Higher Self approves, an 11th and 8th or 9th dimensional aspect of their soul merges with them as well to delete and transform any issues, patterns, beliefs, emotions, memories and behaviors not serving them using the no time and no space cocoon.
  12. I ask to pinpoint all lower realm entities (these are negative beings that exist in low vibrational places that influence us–its a temporary role for them) and unweave/splice them out from everybody and everything and encapsulate them in a bubble of loving, crystalline energy. I ask that an 11th dimensional aspect of their soul merges with them to transform them to their highest level self and ask that their codes for ascension are activated so they can move to the highest frequency of light and ask that they cross through the tunnel of light to their next highest level destination using the no time and no space cocoon.
  13. I ask to pinpoint all lost souls and encircle them in a bubble of loving crystalline energy. I ask that a tunnel of light appears along with loved ones and spirit guides to cross them over with the perpetual message that this lifetime is over with. Its time to move on to a better place. There is only love and a loving place to go to. Hell and purgatory are belief systems–they’re not the true nature of reality. Love is the true nature of reality once you let go of this lifetime. You don’t need to see anyone you don’t want to see but once people cross over, they’re not the same anymore–everybody has let go of that lifetime and look forward to seeing you but you don’t need to see them if you don’t want to. You can cross over and come back to see loved ones. By crossing over, you’ll cleanse away all your worries from that lifetime so you can come back to see them with more love and wisdom to share. If you don’t cross over, they will feel your worry and pain which won’t help them.
  14. I ask that my simultaneous self and current self merge together, if my Higher Self approves. I ask that all people in the simultaneous and current lifetime merge together as well, if their Higher Selves approve. I ask that this neutralizes the bleed through between the simultaneous and current life and ask to delete and transform any of the issues, patterns, beliefs, memories, emotions and behaviors not serving us using the no time and no space cocoon.
  15. I ask that all aspects of my soul duplicate all the most optimal gifts, talents and attributes and share them with the other aspects of my soul so that all aspects are carrying the most optimal gifts, talents and qualities of the other using the no time and no space cocoon.
  16. Once the work is done, I ask that all aspects of my soul, and those that participated, go back to where they belong and all the work they did is integrated, processed, restructured, recalibrated and grounded with their physical and energy bodies using the no time and no space cocoon.
  17. I thank my Higher Self for directing and my optimal spirit guides for assisting and ask that they continue to assist throughout completion of this process and beyond using no time and no space to process.

There is much more going on than what we see with our physical eyes. We can heal ourselves, more fully, by working with the unseen worlds which is about 98% of the cosmos. Healing yourself heals your ancestors, all lifetimes you’re in past, present, future and the collective itself. Healing yourself heals everyone!

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  1. Wow. It can be so challenging to navigate our thoughts and feelings when we are influenced by so many things. I will use the protocol you suggested.

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