The 13 Grandmothers and the New Earth

A number of months ago, a small group of friends decided to go on a spiritual trip to Sedona. Little did we know that we’d be together when the coronavirus was spreading throughout the globe closing down schools, government agencies, work places and causing people to run to the store stocking up on food, water and even toilet paper!

Our drive from the Phoenix airport was quite interesting. We found ourselves thinking of the same things at the same time. One person would say what a couple others were thinking. We even had a friend message us about the very topic we were currently talking about in the car! We were truly experiencing the interconnectedness of each other.

Once in Sedona, we did a lot of meditation. We focused a lot on raising our own personal vibration so we can be our optimal selves on our optimal path at this time. We always called in a witness of planet earth and all living consciousness in all timelines and universes so we can send energies to help others during this time of fear and uncertainty.

The first few times we sent energies to the witness of earth, and the collective, we felt waves of grief rolling off the planet. It seemed like lots of old memories and traumas were clearing. This evening, Friday, March 13, we had an experience that was felt by all of us. I find the number 13 very sacred since the entire Mayan calendar was developed using what they called, “13 heavens.” Also, the Divine Feminine is represented by 13 moons.

Our meditation began with an energetic portal opening up in the room that was sent to each of us. We experienced this sacred energy for some time before I noticed the 13 grandmothers enter the room. I shared what I was seeing with the group. One friend said she noticed this too and that she felt one of them starting to merge their energy with hers. She then began talking in a sacred language as we felt chills of truth as the grandmothers’ wisdom surged through us.

The grandmothers showed us a doorway and signaled that we should all enter. We saw ourselves going through the doorway and into a beautiful meadow with a sunrise coming up. The interconnectedness that we experienced so strongly in the car came in for us again. We saw the same meadow scene and felt a rebirth energy come in. We all felt the wisdom of the grandmothers and knew that the collective would be okay. We then saw men come in and saw them transformed by the grandmothers’ wisdom. The old order of patriarchy, that harms both men and women, can be transformed into a unity consciousness energy. A space ship appeared in the meadow in the center of the circle of grandmothers which then transformed into a strong light. We knew that the grandmother wisdom was connected to the galactics—our advanced brothers and sisters. They were here to help us as well.

We then knew that our sacred journey into unity consciousness was beginning in earnest.

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