Scar Tissue Locks in Trauma and Lost Souls

We are living in intense times! The vibration on the planet is incrementally rising to a higher level of consciousness more aligned with love. This last Summer Solstice jumped up the frequency quite a bit higher!! This rise in frequency brings up all our unresolved issues and patterns that are at a lower vibration. This is ultimately good since it brings more love, happiness and freedom.
Your body has likely been keeping your mental, emotional and physical challenges in an unconscious state until you’re ready to deal with them. You’re likely finding that now is the time to resolve these challenges!
We are all called to let go of our past issues and patterns which isn’t always easy. This can be especially challenging since sometimes the past doesn’t want to release. I’ve gone through this stuck state many times myself.  These stuck states keep me searching for better ways to let go of the past more effectively for myself and the clients I work with so we feel happier and lighter.

I discovered, a couple years ago, that old physical and energetic scar tissue can keep people stuck. This discovery changed the way I work with others. My first encounter with scar tissue was when a friend’s relative had a large mass on her chest that medical doctors couldn’t figure out. They finally decided it must be scar tissue from a car accident a year before. My friend got permission to have me look at it.
When I energetically looked at it, I saw a male lost soul woven into her field a number of feet away from her physical body.  This lost soul directly connected into the chest area where the scar tissue was located. The physical scar tissue was at her chest but the lost soul was caught in a corresponding energetic scar tissue. It was as though his connection was pulling on her scar area and making it very pronounced.
My take on it is that, when she got in the car accident, she dissociated/partly left her body. This opened up her energy field leaving a void of sorts. Dissociation is common with trauma. This is also called post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  As the dissociation lessened, her energy field started closing up going to a new normal. As her energy field closed up, it “trapped” this lost soul.
I asked to energetically unweave the lost soul from her field and then crossed him over through a tunnel of light to his next highest level destination. I asked him to go where ever his Spirit deemed optimal for him with his Spirit Guides assisting. I then asked to repair her energy field since it was broken due to the lost soul being there. I also asked that her spirit was brought back in since it had partly left her body. This is called a soul retrieval.
My friend talked to her relative the next day and found that she had been hearing a man’s voice and knew there was a lost soul around. She tried repeatedly to cross him but couldn’t get him to go. It made sense to her that he was woven into her field due to the car accident.  Over time, her chest scar tissue disappeared since the lost soul was no longer “pulling on” her scar tissue causing it to bulge out.
I went through a stuck state, connected to scar tissue, with a slightly different slant than my friend’s relative. I could tell my body was holding onto a difficult memory. The clue was the strong emotions and flashbacks/old scenes that showed me at age 5.  Something was keeping it hooked in and it just wouldn’t move.
I tried to let go of the memory for a couple weeks or more without success. I then remembered how old physical injuries can lock things in. I was physically injured in this past scenario I couldn’t let go of. A light bulb went off. This must be the reason why things won’t let go!
Instead of the scar tissue trapping a lost soul, the scar tissue was trapping an old memory. As soon as I asked to unweave this memory from my old injury site (where there was scar tissue), I felt the old emotions and scenes instantly go away. I felt renewed!
How do you know if you have an old scar tissue locking memories, emotions and/or lost souls into your energy field?
You may feel old emotions and have flashbacks like I did. You may know that there’s a lost soul around you like my friend’s relative did.  More likely you may feel something is off but not sure why. You may not notice anything at all but get a knowing that something is stuck. You can try the exercise I described above and also seek help from a professional such as a counselor or psychologist who uses alternative techniques.
This is the era to transform the past. The more you heal yourself the more others heal as well! We are all interconnected through a giant matrix—the Oneness field. Healing yourself does heal others!
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7 thoughts on “Scar Tissue Locks in Trauma and Lost Souls

  1. Thank you for your question! When working with any type of physical scar tissue, on an energy level, you ask to unweave the scar tissue energetically on the body and in the energy field since there’s typically a corresponding scar tissue in the energy field around you. What might make it hard for a physical scar tissue to heal, feel good or fade is that there may be invisible things caught in the energetic scar tissue such as a lost soul, Ancestral timeline and issues, etc.

    After asking it to unweave, you ask that anything caught in the energetic scar tissue, as mentioned above, moves out of the body and energy field and then ask that it’s repaired and restored to its divine nature.

    Doing this process helps many people with leftover scar tissue issues but nothing is a cure all for everybody. Everyone is unique. It’s good to try this process and, if this doesn’t do it for you, try other things as well

  2. can i ask, is this kind of therapy possible even for unwanted scars on spine perianal area? i can’t visulize! i have tried even past life therapy but i was unable to visualize past memories properly! if yes, is it possible to make distance therapy through skype or any video call? thank you for answer!

  3. can i ask, is this kind of therapy possible even for unwanted scars on spine perianal area? if yes, is it possible to make distance therapy through skype or any video call? thank you gor answer!

  4. Hello,

    My question is if you have had a success even with physical surgical scars? Have they disappeared as well or remained?

    Thank you for your feedback! 🙂

    1. Thank you for your question! Whenever you’re doing energy work, the results vary. A lot of it is by clearing things from the energy field, it gives the body a chance to heal.

      Many blessings,

      1. can i ask, is this kind of therapy possible even for unwanted scars on spine perianal area? i can’t visulize! i have tried even past life therapy but i was unable to visulize past memories properly! if yes, is it possible to make distance therapy through skype or any video call? thank you gor answer!

      2. does it require patient’s collaboration wlith shaman or shaman can find the lost soul even if patient can’t visulize? 🙂

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