Messages from Other Worlds:
Our Spirit Guides Speak

By Maureen Higgins

Our planet has been going through a lot of divisiveness and struggle over the last year. Everyone has their own beliefs about what happened or is happening.  Humanity’s divisiveness got me thinking about what do other places of existence think about this? Our friends from the higher realms.

Myself and my colleague, Kristin Volk Funk, decided to do hypnosis sessions on 35 people to see what the collective message is from our friends from more advanced places. We decided it would be interesting to have each hypnosis candidate go to a simultaneous/parallel lifetime where they exist as a more advanced person (also called aspect or being) – more advanced than us on planet earth. A place where this advanced aspect of them knows what is happening to our earth and what we can know to help ourselves here.

It may seem strange that we can exist in more than one place at once but we’re starting to recognize that we are multi-dimensional and multi-universe beings. The theory is that your Higher Self, which is your spirit (the part of you that never dies), is like a pomegranate. A pomegranate has many seeds in it. Your human self is one of the seeds. These seeds exist in different frequencies which we’ll call Dimensions 1 – 11. The seeds in Dimensions 1 – 4 are lower realm seeds more aligned with hate or more extreme polarity; Dimension 5 is the birth canal to the middle realms;  Dimensions 6 – 9 are the middle realms which are aligned with a much higher level perspective and feeling state than the lower realms and still have a physical body; Dimensions 10 and 11 are all about love and do not really have much form. We have seeds in all of these dimensions. Our human selves have been in Dimensions 3 and 4 and working our way through Dimension 5–the birth canal–and moving to Dimensions 6 or 7.

The majority of our hypnosis candidates went to what they called, “the galactic council” where many groups of advanced beings are watching out for our planet making decisions to help us here. Different council groups are working on different challenges that are going on with our planet. Our human selves are anchoring the good energy and knowledge, the galactic council is offering us, so that it’s easier for us to move towards a more harmonious earth.

One message that came through, many of the hypnosis sessions, is that we have more than one timeline we can move into on earth. We have free will choice. Our decision to be in love and non-judgement is key to choosing a better world.

More on this soon!

Many blessings,

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