Messages from Other Worlds:
Our Spirit Guides Speak, Part 2

By Maureen Higgins

This is second in a series. Read Part 1

My colleague Kristin Volk Funk and I wanted to see what messages other worlds and realms have for us about the state of our planet. We decided to do hypnosis on 39 people to find answers to our questions by bringing them to advanced lifetimes where they had information about 2020 and beyond. My first post talked about how the majority went to the Galactic Council which is comprised of many advanced beings that are watching out for planet earth and trying to help us move forward out of the extreme polarity. This blog will talk about future lifetimes which were talked about by four of our participants.

All of the future lifetimes were in different timeframes. The following one was in 2232 in what felt like Greece. Below is an excerpt from her hypnosis session:

“Some of the souls milling about with me I knew in 2020. Some of them are my friends who have recognized themselves to contain the Divine and committed themselves to the expanding of their own consciousness to broadcast the frequencies of compassion and love and forgiveness and joy. We all have different occupations but they are all geared towards helping ourselves and humanity continually practice tapping into the frequencies of our Divine Nature. We are on future earth in 2232. I can’t see very far beyond where I am. The air is clean and the sky is blue. It’s beautiful, green and lush and I live about 1/2 mile from a city center. The city doesn’t look like they used to look. They look like a throw-back from earlier civilizations that were on earth. the buildings are more spread out. I sense that there are less people on the planet than there were in 2020.”

Another participants went to 2450 in what today is northern United States area or Southern Canada. She went as her current self viewing her future self and making an analysis of what was going on. Below is her excerpt:

“I’m seeing myself as an old man walking with a cane. I’m some kind of a hermit living outside in the woods and there aren’t as many people. There’s not such big places. People live in smaller groups. I don’t know what happened to the big cities but they are not there. The year is 2450. I can hear the birds as I’m somewhere in the woods. It looks like the forest. It’s very peaceful. I don’t think it’s peaceful everywhere. I think there are pockets of different kinds of negative places with lots of violence. It’s not everywhere like in 2020.  I’m in what used to be the USA or Canada based on the trees.  He/my future self seems very kind. He doesn’t seem like a dangerous person but he’s also very old. It doesn’t feel like there’s as much technology. He says this is the world that might be – that could be. It’s kind of a clean up place. There’s been a long time of cleaning up and now things are starting to settle again into a much more positive place. People know who they are more and that we’re all connected. He says it’s a probable reality – it’s only one probable reality. He says we’re at a place of choice in my current 2020 reality. There’s a collective choice and individual choices.”

Another participant had an experience that was more unusual. He appeared to be on earth anchoring advanced frequencies. His excerpt is below.

“Where I’m at feels like earth but better. The first thing that comes to mind is this existence is a placeholder. So I think it’s a vibrational placeholder like herd immunity. You need a certain portion of the population to hold a new thought or frequency to make it into existence. So I’m a placeholder.”

The fourth person went to a future life that wasn’t on earth but she knew about earth. Her excerpt is below.

“I’m in a lifetime where I know how to read the future – the different timelines. I’m at a castle, formidable wealthy home. Kind of like a mansion. Pointed peaks on it, large windows – very stately but with warmth. There’s some people working on the lawn. Feels like there’s people inside.  My simultaneous self is waiting for me inside. She’s happy. I feel lightness and joy coming from her. She’s really animated. She’s leading me into the house. There’s a lot of light coming into the windows and its well furnished. It has antiques – stately furniture but warmth. There’s places you want to sit. High ceilings, big rooms. She’s going to take me to her study. Feels like I’m afraid to move. There’s a fear of knowing. It’s implanted. She moved it out like an x-ray. Like a partition that separated something. It’s like what you put x-ray film in. Now that it’s out of me, I feel calmer. Now I’m in the room with big high back chairs. It feels cozy but dark – not a lot of sunlight. It’s closed off or protected or something. A fireplace. She holds space – she’s one of the people who anchors energies. It feels like there’s circles of energy around her. Huge balls or globes. She’s one in a group who keeps things in balance. Balance isn’t the right word but she holds that energy.  She helps people come into their gifts. Helps them to hold what they came in to do. She can see the timelines. She points them in the right direction.”

The point that stood out most to me is that we’re at a choice point right now. The choice is do we want to live in a more peaceful, loving world or continue being polarized and divisive. The way each of us thinks and conducts ourselves matters. Let’s focus on being loving and kind in thoughts and actions so we can create a unified, happy world together.

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