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To those just starting to understand spirituality, their purpose, and their path on this journey to enlightenment, this column is for you. Each person’s journey and understanding is different, so I won’t tell you what to believe, but give you information to consider. Take what resonates and leave the rest behind.

To help understand this, let’s explore the difference between Spirituality and Religion.

Religion provides a doctrine or dogma that explains the rules, protocols, rituals, expectations, and beliefs. This information is provided by the church or the religious authority. You are expected to believe and follow the practices, as provided by the authority, as they are the only ones with the connection to God. When you have questions or issues, you are guided to go to your church or religious doctrine for answers and they tell you what to do.

Spirituality provides some general guidelines and knowledge to help you build your own relationship with God/Source or the Universe. There are no expectations on your beliefs. There are no right or wrong ways to practice. When you have questions or issues, you are guided to go within to find your answers. Spiritual practitioners and teachers are to help you find your unique path/ your divine connection and share their information and understanding. Look for practitioners, mentors and teachers that encourage you to explore and determine what is correct for you.

Spirituality is about the journey, not the destination. All the information and how it fits together will not be discovered in this lifetime. It will take all your past lives, your current lives and those in the future, along with your ascension into various dimensions and densities to get to the destination of unity consciousness. So let the journey be a little confusing or messy. It will be a winding road where you often revisit what you thought you previously understood. Don’t worry if there are areas you don’t understand, they are waiting for you to explore later.

This journey can seem overwhelming at first because it appears there is no road map or user’s guide. Fortunately, you have your own personal guide that is always available to you. This guide is often called the Higher Self (HS)1. The HS is an aspect of you that is aware of all other lifetimes, your purpose, and what you chose to learn in this lifetime. Your first objective on your journey should be to learn how to connect and communicate with your HS. Until you have established that relationship, it will feel like you are wandering around in a huge forest, not sure if you are lost or on your unique path. If you aren’t confident that you are connected with your HS, I recommend an Intuitive Development Class.2,3

Your HS is always trying to communicate with you. Below are examples of how your HS may be trying to get your attention.

  • Repeating or Serial numbers: I notice 11s (11:11, 3:11, etc) all the time. I view this as a spiritual hug from my HS indicating I’m on track or that I should pay special attention to what is happening now.
  • Repeating Behavior: Suddenly my electronic device stops working. Maybe I can get it started again, but then it stops working again. I’m working on a specific project and every step I take is difficult, has to be redone or is just not working. These may be messages from your HS that you are not on the right track or you need to stop, as the timing isn’t optimal. This is when you connect and get further information. Without a connection to your HS to understand the meaning behind these issues, it is just frustrating and leaves you with a lack of understanding on how to resolve the problem.
  • Message keeps repeating in your mind: Maybe you keep thinking about someone you haven’t seen for a while or a song suddenly pops into your head and won’t go away, or you keep seeing a specific image. This could be a message from your HS trying to give direction on an action you should take. Time to connect and see what it means.

Being connected to your HS doesn’t mean that you will get everything you desire and all of your problems will be solved. The HS’s goal is not to make your life easy, but to assist you in achieving your objectives and goals. Before you incarnated into this lifetime, you planned this lifetime and made agreements with all the people that would play key roles in your life. While planning this lifetime, you also chose the lessons you would be learning and your purpose. When my son was preparing for his first semester at college, it occurred to me the process was similar. He chose his classes (lessons), his teachers (people playing key roles), his intended degree (purpose) etc. This also helped me to understand that planning my lifetime before I arrived, did not remove my free will, any more than planning college, removed my son’s free will.

Your HS planned this lifetime with you and understands all of your objectives and goals, even though you no longer have memory of them. You may have decided to include difficult lessons in this lifetime. Your HS will not provide ways to avoid these lessons, as these lessons are the reason you incarnated. Similar to college, it would not make any sense to sign up for Advanced Calculus and then try to figure out ways to skip that class, although I’m aware that some college students use that approach. However, your HS will help you to navigate the lessons in the most optimal manner, while truly learning the material, because there will be a test.

If you don’t pass the test, you will need to take the lesson (class) again. This explains why we generally have an area in our lives, where we continue to have challenges or continue to make the same mistakes. This will continue within this lifetime, and possibly other lifetimes, until we pass the test. It helps to work with your HS to determine what you haven’t learned yet, so the lesson can be complete.

Honor everyone’s journey, as unique to them!

Lisa Katheyrine Howard

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