Taffe, Jamie is the founder of The Raven Wheel. She has created the raven wheel to bring physical form to abstract concepts. The raven wheel has elements of the dreamcatcher embedded in the design, surrounded by holes that we fill with our written intentions, messages, and dreams to be held and honored. The raven wheel is a dream catcher and dream receiver. Use this sacred space for co-creating your dreams and expressing what is within your heart. Discover how raven transforms the energy within you, within the wheel, and within the universe, as you bring to form what is within your heart.”



Way, Erika, (Woodbury, MN) is the founder of Beyond Chiropractic a comprehensive Wellness Clinic.  Unlike conventional medicine, which focuses on attempting to treat disease once it occurs, our emphasis is on improving your health in an effort to reduce the risk of pain and illness in the first place. Most people would rather be healthy and avoid illness, if they could. This is one of the main reasons for the big surge in the popularity of our wellness center. For more information look at their website or call 651-288-1988


Rae, Michele, MA (Bloomington, MN) is the founder and principal of The Center Within, LLC. She partners with individuals, couples and organizations with a desire to maximize their potential and capacity in everyday living during this amazing time. This transformative process includes building on her client’s gifts, talents, wisdom and passions as well as exposing and unblocking limiting beliefs, patterns and fears. Michele utilizes her abilities in deep listening, intuition, appreciative inquiry, spiritual practices, mind-body skills, presence and emotional intelligence to assist clients in realizing and developing self directed strategies to implement the changes they desire. For more information see her website  You can reach her at

Coaching (Transformational) and Energy Healing

Clairmont Carr, Nancy (Chanhassen, MN) helps individuals create joy, abundance and freedom doing what they love. She is a Holistic Health and Transformational Guide, and is passionate about empowering individuals to maximize their potential in Mind, Body and Spirit. Nancy helps remove mental, emotional and physical blocks to help them create and live the lifestyle they desire. She draws from her background in energy medicine healing (including Disconnection from the Collective Shadow and Cellular Activation), executive marketing management and personal coaching. To learn more about Nancy, check out her website and contact her at:; 612.385.3220; or; Nancy Clairmont Carr, LLC “

Counseling, Classes and Healing

Higgins, Maureen, MA (St. Paul, MN) is an alternative counselor using clairvoyance (intuitive sight), energy work, guided imagery and individualized healing techniques at her business Wings of Freedom.  Maureen works with individuals and groups to let go of outdated memories, beliefs, patterns and core issues so they can move into inner freedom, higher consciousness and optimal success in what they’ve come to accomplish in their personal lives and career choices. She has regular groups, workshops and practitioner trainings. You can also purchase her audios, for deep healing and transformation, on her website.  For more information, see her website at You can reach her at or 651-665-0104.


Kaur, Tara, DDS, PLLC, 7701 York Ave S, Suite 140, Edina, MN 55435, (952)956-6700.
Dr. Tara Kaur nurtures individualized dental care with holistic, natural, biological, and eco-friendly philosophies. She sees each dental patient as unique and strives to educate, empower, and assist all patients in making informed health care decisions.  Unique and integrated features we offer in our state of the art dental clinic:  ecodentistry, holistic and biological philosophies, patient education and empowerment, individualized patient care, biocompatible dental materials, holistic hygiene and periodontal programs, natural products, an exceptionally trained and compassionate dental team, health-promoting dental clinic design and free community educational resources and information. Please visit for more information.  

Divorce Support Group for Women

Greenberg, Barb is the founder of “Rediscovering U, LLC,” a company providing education, support and resources for women approaching, experiencing or moving forward from divorce.  Empowering local classes allows women to meet, share their stores and learn from top experts, all in a safe, informal atmosphere.  Because divorce is often difficult and painful, “Rediscovering U” reminds women this journey ultimately offers a grand and beautiful gift…the gift of rediscovering themselves.  Website:

Energy Classes and Private Sessions

Stahl, Barbara, EdS (Bloomington, MN) is a teacher and energy work practitioner using energy systems including Reiki, Triple Helix, Omega and flower essences, for more than 25 years. She is certified as a master teacher in both Reiki and Triple Helix systems. Barbara applies her energy-based knowledge and skills to work with both individuals and groups. She also works with children with autism. She has advanced degrees in education with experience in teaching, and administration. Most recently she conducted research with three elementary students with Autism.  Biofield therapy/energy work demonstrated positive impact in on the behavior of children with autism.  Barbara and Maureen Higgins are in the process of publishing this research in a professional journal.  For more information see or contact Barbara at or 952-250-2057.

Energy Work and Yoga

Eilers Sullivan, Elizabeth is a SourcePoint Therapy Practitioner and SomaYoga Therapy 500 RYT Teacher with advanced training and study in both modalities.  She supports the full potential of the human being and their optimal health and wellness.  Her compassionate approach brings greater ease and wellness to her clients.  A certified birth doula with a Masters in Developmental Psychology Education, she works with people of all ages, from the newborn to the wise.  Her work with people allows them to feel a greater connection to the blueprint for human health; a more intimate connection with Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow throughout their whole system and physical being and greater consciousness of their divine spirit inhuman form.  For more information or an appointment, contact Elizabeth directly at or 651-270-0660.

Massage and Energy Work

Graves, Emily, LMT, MA (Minneapolis, MN and Santa Fe, NM) is a licensed massage therapist working with Thai Massage and Thai Therapies and Energy Work.   Emily is known for her extraordinary knowledge, sensitivity and skill, her superb reflective listening skills, and, the care and respect she shows her clients. Emily also teaches Usui and Karuna Reiki classes so you can learn how to heal yourself and others.  You can contact her at bluebottle_flight@hotmail.com505-925-1175  or see her website at

Psychologist (child, adult & family)

Harrington, Kevin, PhD (Bloomington, MN) is a psychologist in private practice.  He works with children, adults and families. Dr. Harrington also provides consultation to various healthcare organizations in the area.  He has a heart, mind, body approach when working with individuals and families.  Dr. Harrington works with individuals to identify and develop their inner resources to maintain and strengthen their mental, emotional and physical balance.  He also gives workshops locally, nationally and internationally on body, heart skills. To contact Dr. Harrington call 612-766-9255

Psychologist (adult and couples)

VanDyken, Nancy, MSEd, LP, LICSW (Edina, MN) is a psychologist in private practice.  Learn skills and tools to make needed changes to create the life you want. Homework is given at the end of every session to help change the patterns in life that aren’t working. These tools will assist you in reconnecting with your own wisdom, and in guiding you to your own answers. Nancy is the author of, Forgive Them…Are You Kidding?  Preparing Your Heart for Forgiveness . Nancy’s counseling practice is based on the belief that we have all our own the answers.. The answers may be hidden and buried away, or perhaps feel unsafe to express. During counseling, you will learn how to listen to your wisdom, nurture and trust your answers, act on what you know and in doing so, discover your true self.  To contact Nancy, visit her websites or  


Emmons, Henry, MD (Minneapolis, MN) is a psychiatrist who integrates mind-body and natural therapies, mindfulness and Buddhist teachings, and compassion and insight into his clinical work. Henry developed the Resilience Training Program and now he and his colleagues offer Pathways to Joy, which is currently offered at Partners in Resilience. This unique program is based upon the ideas developed in his booksThe Chemistry of Joy and The Chemistry of Calm.  For more information see his website or call 612.874.8608.

Rolfing, Prenatal/Postpartum Massage, Sourcepoint Energy Work

Green, Tina, CR, LMT (Minneapolis, St Paul) Is a Certified Rolfer and licensed massage therapist. Rolfing and prenatal/postpartum massage increases mind-body relationship. Tina creates a safe place for the body to experience change in awareness, improved structure, posture and movement releasing old patterns and emotions held in the body. Sourcepoint energy work connects you to the universal blueprint of health. By tapping into a larger universal energy field, SourcePoint reconnects an individual to the blueprint for health, which contains the order, balance, harmony and flow that can affect vitality.  For more information see her website at or call her at 612.250.7466


Raghubir, Helena, MA, ERYT, CNLPP (Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN) foundedThe Center for Happiness in 2003. Helena is a Kundalini Yoga teacher and teacher trainer renowned in the Twin Cities and internationally, and an experienced holistic healer practicing ancient yogic methods of stress management. Loved for her inspiring yoga classes, she is also sought out for transformational women’s development workshops.  For more information see her website or email






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