Latest Past Events

Creating Sacred Space (Nancy Randen)

Baldwin, WI or online via Zoom Baldwin

  Creating Sacred Space with Nancy Randen   Our physical spaces and the land they are built upon have natural and accumulated energies that can disturb our well-being. This class teaches you how to clear and set energies of protection around your home, office, or property using two Star of David energetic grid techniques. Learn

Intuitive Development – Level II (Nancy Randen)

Baldwin, WI or online via Zoom Baldwin

  Intuitive Development Level II with Nancy Randen   Deepen your intuition with this 4-week workshop. In-person and online via Zoom. In this series of four classes, you will learn advanced intuitive skills that prepare you for working with yourself, family and friends, and clients in a very sophisticated way. These skills will be used

Energetic Transformation and Clearing Interferences II (Elizabeth Sullivan)

St. Paul, MN or online via Zoom St. Paul

  Advanced Protocols Level II & Clearing Interferences Level II with Elizabeth Sullivan MFA, MA, BA   Deepen your theoretical and experiential understanding of the advanced energetic clearing techniques. It builds and expands on the previous DCS/CA and AOL workshops. Prerequisites: Intuitive Development Levels I & II, Creating Sacred Spaces, DCS/CA & AOL, Small Group