Virginia L. Nava Hieger, MBA

Strategic Advisor/ Marketing Communication Expert

“Greatness is living and sharing your Gift”

Member Virginia Nava Hieger

Virginia Nava Hieger is the Creator and CEO of Transformative Power™ Pillar Model, which addresses the Five Cores of Purpose-Driven Organizations: Vision, Voice, Village, Visibility and Victory. Its purpose is to bring the vision alive through the unique voice of the organization, with alignment of the core audience structure, tools, and campaigns that use visibility to maintain the vision and serve the audience.

As a speaker and teacher, Virginia has helped businesses and women leaders with personal transformation and business development, assisting them in developing strong value propositions and business relationships as well.

She is also author of the strategic e-workbook The Missing Link is The Meaning Link, which offers a unique methodology on how to address the problem of differentiation and brand value by centering the message on the why of an organization while addressing that different audiences have different “whys” (for example: partners, community, audience, donors, stakeholders, media, PR, etc). Virginia teaches and guide organizations in a strategic process that addresses their overall mission and goals and provides the key to creating a structure that brings them to different audiences in relevant, bridge-building ways. She has also written the books Meaningful Freedom and Your Unique Gift.

Virginia has over 20 years of experience in the field of business strategy, marketing and communication. She also has over 9 years of experience in the field of transformation. When She started her career as an entrepreneur, She realized that the key to entrepreneurship is the inner work and transformation is key. Now Virginia combines her insightful ability to see the gifts and talents in people into their business models and marketing and communications. She sees business as a vehicle to change the world and make a difference. She is able to help business leaders create roadmaps that are aligned with who they are authentically and their long-term vision.

She has over 15 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies. Virginia has helped built a 21M an international brand for a Fortune 500 firm internationally. She has helped women entrepreneurs shift their own self-perception into one of seeing themselves as the gift they are. She has consulted in the field of strategy, marketing and communication different sizes of firms from non-profits, start-ups and women founders and entrepreneurs.

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Why is the ESSENCE Key to Share Your Gift?

It is important to share the essence of what you do.

Complementary training: The Elements of a Transformational Story

How to find the values and ‘moments of truth’ while composing your transformational story.

Relevant Experience:

Nonprofit Expertise: Created a marketing communication strategy to reach the Latin American market through an educational campaign and strategic actions. For the 4.6K member PMI of Atlanta, I developed a marketing communications strategy and helped implement it for one year.

Small Nonprofit Experience: Board Chair of North Fulton Beautiful Environmental Organization. During this time, I led the board to the creation of a strategic plan for the organization, leveraging their different capabilities and balancing their short-term and long-term needs.

Global Experience: Worked with a multicultural team that helped build an international brand worth $21M for a global Fortune 500 company.


  • Business strategy
  • Women’s entrepreneurship programs
  • Nonprofit marketing communication

Academic Education

  • MBA, Illinois State University
  • Bachelor in Marketing (Top University in Mexico ITESM)

Training & Certification

  • eCornell certification in Social Media
  • eCornell facilitator for Women Entrepreneurship Programs