Eric Christopher, MS, CHT

Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist

“Freedom is a perception shift away.”

Eric Christopher

Eric Christopher logoEric Christopher graduated with a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2000. This marked the beginning of a quest to travel the country and the world to study from many leaders in hypnotherapy. He has since applied many diverse hypnotherapy modalities to empower people to live from their true, authentic selves. He helps people connect to their Higher Self, which in turn helps them to release and heal traumas and limiting beliefs stored in the body and subconscious mind that were formed from their present lives, their generational line, as well as other lives their soul has lived.

His goal is to help people directly experience their divine, eternal self in each session… and the truth that beneath their issues or problems lies an aspect of themselves which is whole, complete, has no fears and is based in love. From this higher vantage point, solutions replace problems and healing can be a perception shift away.

His passion is to personally and spiritually grow, evolve and awaken to Unity consciousness and guide others to do the same.

He also facilitates group-guided past life and life-between-lives hypnotherapy sessions.

Learn more at or call 651-649-1952.

Available for Download:

Past Life Regression Guided Journey – $25
Recorded by Eric Christopher

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Past life regression offers a deep journey inside to a wise aspect of yourself that most people aren’t aware that they possess. The result of this inner journey is always beneficial. People obtain clarity, insight and often healing on the issues that are the most important for them.

At times, you may not even know what your most important issues are, however, your subconscious and unconscious mind always does, so people tend to get exactly what will benefit them most mentally and emotionally, even if they simply want to do a session out of curiosity.

This guided journey is a good opportunity to get a taste of past life regression and experience this modality for yourself.

Connecting to Your Higher Self Guided Journey – $25
Recorded by Eric Christopher

Once you purchase this product, you will receive an email with the link to listen to this guided journey as many times as you like.
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This guided journey within is a systematic process to deeply connect with a part of yourself that you cannot separate from, yet typically gets lost in this human experience. We are multi-dimensional beings, and reuniting with this higher dimensional part of yourself will create insights, clarity and potential healing on deep levels. It is also a great way to experience a deep hypnotic state, and is a good steppingstone for doing other deep inner journey work.

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Eric specializes in past life regression therapy, life-between-lives therapy, and also present-life deep emotional healing of the body and subconscious mind. Visit for more. Find out about inspirational speaker, author and non-profit co-founder Joan Steffend at


  • Present life emotional healing
  • past life regression
  • life-between-lives hypnotherapy
  • spiritual counseling

Academic Education

  • MS, Marriage & Family Therapy, UW-Stout
  • BA, Psychology & Education, St. Olaf College

Training & Certification

  • 18 years Board Certified Regression Therapist from IBRT, International Board for Regression Therapy
  • Board of Directors, Research Chair, International Association of Regression Research and Therapies, Inc. (IARRT), 2006-2009
  • International Association of Regression Research and Therapies, Inc., Past Life Therapy training levels 1-4
  • Certified Life-Between-Lives Therapist, training with Michael Newton, 2004
  • Releasement Therapy Training, Hans Ten Dam
  • Deep Healing Therapy Training, Hans Ten Dam, 3 Intensives
  • Body Trauma Releasement Therapy Training, Marion Boon, 3 Intensives
  • Deep Memory Process Training, Roger Woolger
  • Institute of Thought Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Training, Dr. Joseph Costa, San Diego, CA, 2002-2008
  • Emotional Freedom Technique Training, Gary Craig, Valerie Liss
  • Minnesota Society of Clinical Hypnosis, all three levels
  • Omni Hypnosis Center, Intermediate and Advanced Training, Jerry Kine