Barbara Stahl, EDS

You’ve Got Energy
Energy Healer and Instructor

“My understanding of god is of a loving intelligence. A sphere of light thatĀ is all souls andĀ energies in the universe. We are all one.”

Barbara Jo Stahl has studied and taught energy systems for more than 22 years. Barbara focuses on removing old patterns and the subtle energies in the human energy field that are blocking increased functioning, joy and happiness.

Barbara has advanced degrees in special education with experience in teaching and educational administration. In addition to energy work, she has worked for the past 35 years in higher education administration and as a public policy-maker.

Guiding Principles:
  • Celebrating who we have been, and who we are becoming
  • Removing barriers that prevent us from realizing our full potential
  • Teaching tools to support our bodies, minds, and spirits as we re-calibrate to higher vibrations and energies now available
  • Creating a blueprint for our own unfolding and growth with commitments to new behaviors, expressing our gifts, and manifesting our vision
Learn more at or contact Barb at and 952-250-2057

Triple Helix Systems Workshops:

Barbara Jo Stahl has advanced training and is a teacher of the Triple Helix Systems. These attuneable energies are restorative and revitalizing methods that enhance and bring balance to all areas of life. Fees for these three workshops, including materials and multiple attunements, is $150.00 each.

Workshop 1: Creating a Powerful Safe Zone

This workshop focuses on creating safety and stability. The negative impact of stress and perceived fears can limit our success. Through a daily routine you will continue to increase your ability to protect, soothe and repair your energy field and create a zone of safety. These strategies will lead to positive results that allow you place a safe space around yourself.

Workshop 2: Removing Old Patterns

This workshop focuses on helping you to identify where your body carries stress and gives you a process to remove it. Some stress can stay housed for a long time which is known as “blocked patterns.” This creates situations where you seem to repeat the same mistakes. Through this process you can remove blocked patterns allowing you to create new solutions to old issues.

Workshop 3: Magnetizing the Environment

This workshop brings in the third powerful piece that will allow you to attract your hopes and dreams. A daily routine of creating a safe place, removing blocked patterns, and focusing on your goals allows you to attract a purposeful life. It is a tool to use energy to magnetize your ideal life into reality.