Barbara Stahl, EDS

You’ve Got Energy
Energy Healer and Instructor

“My understanding of god is of a loving intelligence. A sphere of light that is all souls and energies in the universe. We are all one.”

Barbara Stahl founding member

Barbara Jo Stahl of You’ve Got Energy focuses on supporting clients to learn tools that assist in clearing their energy field so they can increasingly attract their life’s purpose. These tools may also be used with others to support their health and wellness. Barbara focuses on removing old patterns and the subtle energies in the human energy field that are blocking increased functioning, joy, and happiness.

Barbara Jo Stahl has studied and taught energy systems for more than 22 years. Barbara has advanced degrees in special education with experience in teaching and educational administration. In addition to energy work, she has worked for the past 35 years in higher education administration and public policy.

Barbara Jo Stahl has advanced training in attuneable energies that are restorative and revitalizing methods that enhance and bring balance to all areas of life.

Guiding Principles:
  • Celebrating who we have been, and who we are becoming
  • Removing barriers that prevent us from realizing our full potential
  • Creating a blueprint of unfolding and new growth with commitments to new behaviors, expressing our gifts, and manifesting our vision
Learn more at or contact Barb at [email protected] and 952-250-2057.

Joan Steffend interviews Barbara Jo Stahl about energy work

Barbara Jo Stahl of You’ve Got Energy was interviewed by Joan Steffend about energy work and her endeavor as a founding member of the website Community for Higher Consciousness. Click the video or watch it and others on the CHC’s YouTube Channel.

Find out more about inspirational speaker, author and non-profit co-founder Joan Steffend at


  • Creating higher consciousness
  • An array of energy tools and tips to customize client sessions

Academic Education

  • Eds in Education Demonstration
  • Masters Special Education
  • BS in Education

Training & Certification

  • Ancestral and Other Lifetime Clearings
  • Disconnection with the Collective Shadow
  • Cellular Activation
  • Triple Helix energy system
  • Pattern Dissolver
  • Magnetic Heart
  • Oneness teacher