Take Care of your Mini-Me

Recently I have been energetically clearing a series of horrible life events from my childhood tied to my family. After a huge clearing session I experienced lots of pain in chakra one and two – terrible lower back aches, stiffness, menstrual cramps, colon issues. Basically, every organ tied to these Chakras was inflamed and angry.

The other night my daughter approached me and shared she too is feeling some of the same symptoms (because we are our cording and share ancestral ties). She is a nine-year-old beautiful empath that is dialed in on amazing levels.  She is here to take on the world. But I can’t allow her to take on my baggage. I dug in my bag of “tricks” and started to work on her. I am constantly learning tools to keep myself (and her) balanced with mind, body and spirit.

Tools I use for myself and my daughter:
  • Surrounding ourselves with crystals – daily living areas, workspaces, and around us as we sleep
  • Creating my own crystal necklaces, utilizing the various properties of Citrine, Shungite, Tigers Eye, Moonstone, Blue Lapis and Black Onyz
  • Energy healing audios by Maureen Higgins from Wings of Freedom
  • Breath work a couple of times a day (Even the 5-min app on my Fitbit watch is better than nothing)
  • Yoga on our deck
  • Talk, listen, and be present
  • Sunshine and fresh air (What a blessing for Minnesotan’s coming out of winter)

Make sure to take care of your cherished little ones during this time. They’ve never dealt with the major changes to their social lives and general sense of safety that they are experiencing right now. It is the little things that matter, and you can be one of the sources!

Remember to always be excellent to yourself and others. It really makes a difference.

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