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Destiny vs. Free-Will

Destiny vs. Free-Will By Maureen Higgins   I've always had an interest in what is destiny and what is free-will. Is our spouse, partner, family, close friends, colleagues destiny or free will? Which difficult situations are meant to be and which ones are due to something we could've avoided?  What...

Maureen outside Notre Dame

Past Life Encounters in Paris

Past Life Encounters in Paris By Maureen Higgins   Have you ever been to a place where you feel like you’re coming home but you’ve never been there before? Or meet someone who feels like family when you’ve just met them? This is the feeling I had when I went...

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Scar Tissue Locks in Trauma and Lost Souls

Scar Tissue Locks in Trauma and Lost Souls By Maureen Higgins   We are living in intense times! The vibration on the planet is incrementally rising to a higher level of consciousness more aligned with love. This last Summer Solstice jumped up the frequency quite a bit higher!! This rise...


Ascension, and higher consciousness, is all about raising our happiness and love set-point. This allows us to attain unity consciousness. We have entered an important era in history where we’re all called to do this.

How do we raise our set-point so we can do this? We first need to transform our personal shadow side which can get in the way of attaining ascension. By doing this, we automatically contribute towards transforming humanity’s darkest shadow side.

We are all interconnected—we are part of a Oneness field. We may seem to be separate but we really are not. Because of this, we need all of us to ascend together.

It may seem impossible looking at the behaviors, attitudes and lack of thinking about others that occur on this planet. However, each person, who is willing and able to work on their own personal shadow side, creates momentum so that a critical mass shift occurs which automatically moves everyone to a new level of consciousness.

Healing yourself does heal others — and humanity.
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