November 21, 2020 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Vibrant Joy Movement Studio
23 SE 4th Street
Suite 213, Minneapolis
MN 55414
Catherine Siri Sat Liska
The Alchemy of Conscious Breathing: Mind/Body Tools to Transform Your Life (Catherine Siri Sat Liska) @ Vibrant Joy Movement Studio

The Alchemy of Conscious Breathing: Mind/Body Tools to Transform Your Life – 2 Day Workshop

Nuture your heart, ground into your body and understand how the way you breathe can transform your life. In this 2 day course you will learn how the science of conscious breathing creates different outcomes that we can choose to enhance our daily lives for more vitality, calmness and creativity.

After being introduced to the effects of different breathing techniques on the mind and physical body we will spend time each class being aware of subtle changes in our consciousness as we “try on” each technique.

Each person will leave this class having an understanding of how the way we breath (through nose, mouth, fast, slow, holding breath, etc.) affects both the mind and the nervous system as well as increasing your awareness of your own breathing habits. The class workbook contains a “toolbox” of breathing techniques to support conscious connection to mind/body/spirit and overall health.

Please dress comfortably. Yummy filtered water is available at the studio as well as many pillows, blankets and props to provide comfort.

When: Saturday & Sunday, November 21 & 22 -10am -12noon CST

Where: Vibrant Joy Movement Studio – Minneapolis


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