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May 1, 2020 @ 12:00 pm – 12:00 pm
Digital Offering Delivered to Inbox
Elizabeth Sullivan
Healing Back Pain - Build Your Home Practice (Elizabeth Sullivan) @ Digital Offering Delivered to Inbox

Healing Back Pain – Build Your Home Practice

(3 month digital offering)

Home support to ease back tension/pain Recently my back went into intense pain from unprocessed emotions. My empathy for people with back pain sky rocketed! Nothing like direct experience —it tends to be the best teacher. Before this opportunity in my own soma, I had great compassion for people who reported back pain, and supported them getting out of pain and back to a joyful active life. But first hand experience is a vital teacher and so, when I found myself faced with this intensity, my compassion transformed into deep empathy and knowing. I put my practices to use, along with asking others to support my healing. Healing was never meant to be done in isolation. This I am sure of! So, taking this deep knowing along with my expertise, I offer you this subscription with my support as part of your team, (not meant to replace the care providers you are also working with to heal), so you can build daily home practices to release back pain, any emotions stored there, and return the system back to homeostasis for a return of your energy and vitality back into your daily life.

+Subscribers receive + a guided self-healing meditation per month for 3 months.+ 2 SomaYoga practices per month for 3 months for your daily routines of staying pain free. = 9 practices over three months to integrate into your self-care, self-love routines during your day.

Private sessions or small group classes available with personalized take home practices. To schedule them follow this link

When: Digital offering delivered to your inbox start March 1st, April 1st or May 1st

Where: Done in the comfort of your home.

Cost: $222



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