Welcome to our website!

“Community for Higher Consciousness” website was launched in 2012 to help during this era of great change by offering high quality higher consciousness workshops.

We, as a humanity, are ready to shift into a state of greater awareness on what is important in our lives.  We are ready to see ourselves, our community, humanity, and our planet through a unity lens whereby we want the best for all and at the same time realizing we are not perfect and without things to work on.  In fact, life can be downright messy.  We are ready to accept our imperfections and at the same time work at being our best selves by loving ourselves and others unconditionally and simultaneously keeping boundaries for healthy living.

This website has now morphed into a site where you can find the highest quality doctors, practitioners, services and products that are aligned with higher consciousness and heart-centered practices.  When you contact these practitioners, you will know that they will understand your desire to move forward in higher consciousness utilizing alternative and heart centered practices.

We will be adding new and interesting things to this website as time goes on—healing audios, books and new information.  We hope you will visit our website as we move into these new changes.

Transforming Together: Awakening to Higher Consciousness

The Community for Higher Consciousness invites you to a December 21, 2012 event:

Every 26,000 years humanity has taken a significant leap into becoming a more evolved human being embodying a higher consciousness.  2012 represents another portal of transformation. During this shift, we have an opportunity to significantly transform internally thus externally on our planet as we consciously participate in the birthing of our next level of humanity. We are co-creating who we are becoming as new paradigms, viewpoints and possibilities emerge as we transcend old outdated structures. As this gateway of expanded awareness opens to new dimensions, we invite you to join a like minded conscious community Friday December 21, 2012 for a day of visualizing, intending, manifesting and energizing the future that is becoming. We will explore:

  • Celebrating who we have been, are now, and are becoming;
  • Deepening our understanding of the sacred transformation that is occurring individually, ancestrally, interpersonally, and collectively;
  • Releasing limiting beliefs, patterns, blocks and veils that reduce access to realizing our full potential;
  • Learning tools to support our bodies, minds and spirits as we recalibrate to the higher vibrations and energies now available and expand our consciousness;
  • Creating a blueprint for our own unfolding and growth with commitments to new behaviors, expressing our gifts, and manifesting our vision.